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My Nephew-in-Law : Special Chapter 3

Pasensya na po sa mga nagalit kay Sunmi. Pero para mas ma-explain ang side niya, narito po ang maikling kwento tungkol sa kanya.

Sunmi's Past

"Abeoji! Jebal kkeu-man! Geu-geoseun apa! (Father! Please stop! It hurts!)" I have no choice but to cry and yell in pain. He's been like this since I can no longer remember! He would hit me with all the things he could find inside our house.

Sinasaktan niya kami ni Eomma (Mama) day and night. "Sunmi, sorry your abeoji is always like that. Sorry anak."

I didn't answer back. It's her fault why she married this evil sadist old Korean man! Before I go to sleep, eomma would always tell stories about her happy life in the Philippines before she went here at Korea.

Sana nga sa Pilipinas na lang kami! And I hope she just married a Filipino man. That way, hindi na niya ako kinailangan pang ipanganak pa sa mundong ito, para lang saktan ng demonyo kong ama!

One night, I was alone at home. Eomma went out to seek for food, because my stupid and imbecile father can't.

"Yah!!! Sunmi!!! Iriwa!!! (Come here!)" He's drunk again and high because of the drugs. May pambili siya ng mga bagay na yun, but he couldn't even buy me a single candy!

I went close to him. At panigarudo, bubugbugin na naman niya ako. "Abeoji..."

"O-seul ppeo-seo, Sunmi. (Take off your clothes, Sunmi.)"

"Geureogo sip-jji ana! (I don't want to!)"

"I nyeo-seok! (You little brat!) Naega oseul ppeo-seo-rago haet-jjana! Nae-ga mal-haneun-daero hae! (I said take off your clothes! Do as I say!)"

"An-dwae! Abeoji! Ireo-jima! (No! Father! Don't do this!)" I don't want to do this! I don't want him to do this to me! I'm not letting him!

And this time... this time I'll fight back. 'Coz I've had enough! This should stop now!

He tried to rape me. But luckily, I hid a knife somewhere at this exact spot. Nung makuha ko yun, I pointed it at him!

"Gakka-i oji ma! Ani-myeon naega neol jugil-geoya! Nan dang-sineul jjugil-geoya maeng-se! (Don't come near me! Or I'll kill you! I swear I'll kill you!)"

"Sunmi! Geugeot chiwo! (Put that away!)"

"Nae-ga gakka-i oji mal-laet-jji! (I said don't come near me!)My age? 8 years old. And if I'm serious with what I'm saying? Yes! I'm dead serious! I'm gonna kill this man if ever he touches me again!

"Dang-sin!!! (You!)" But at my age and with the kind of strength I have as a little girl, killing him would be impossible.

Nagawa niya akong ibagsak sa sahig. At saka niya ako sinaktan ng sinaktan. I'm just wondering why I'm still awake right now. If this continue, he'll kill me. But I thought to myself, this would be better.

Better if killing me would stop this pain of my mine, I would be glad to help him kill myself too.

Hinawakan kong mabuti yung kutsilyo as he continued punching me in every small parts of my body. I whispered to myself... "Annyeong Eomma, dang-sineul ssarang. (Bye mama, and I love you.)" ... I was crying while getting  ready for a suicide.

I'm gonna stab myself as many as I can, until the last breathe of my life.






"Sunmi... honey... it's over."

Nagising ako na nasa hospital kami.

"Someone heard you crying and shouting for help. He helped you Sunmi. And your abeoji is in jail right now. We're free at last Sunmi! We're free!"

Eomma said that because of what happened, imposible nang maklabas pa ng kulungan ang demonyo kong ama.

And sighed again because of happiness. Finally, this ends here.

*     *     *

Wala pa isang taon, nakakilala ng bagong lalaki si Eomma. He's half-Filipino, half-Korean. He's separated from her wife, and he got one son na kasama niya ngayon dito sa Korea. They said na magsasama sila. No!!! I can't let that happen!

"Nan dang-sineul jjo-a-haji ana! (I don't like you!) Nan dul da si-reo! (I hate both of you!)" I said to my step-father-to-be, and step-brother-to-be.

"Sunmi. Don't talk to them like that." Eomma said. Sasaktan lang ako ulit ng lalaking ito!

"Sunmi, I'll be your appa. I won't hurt you, yak-ssok. (I promise.)"

"An-dwae!!! I don't want a father!!!"

I run away from them and I have no plans of coming back! Not until they're gone in our lives! So napunta ako sa isang lugar na hindi ko alam.

I found a playground and decided to stay there. I cried so much, ayoko nang masaktan! Gusto ko kaming dalawa lang ng Eomma ko! Ayoko na ng iba!!! Then a group of older kids came near me.

"Dang-sineun nugu si-jyo? Yeogi-seo mwo-haneun-geoya? (Who are you? what are you doing here?)"

"Eo-diro gaya-hal-jji jeon-hyeo eop-sseum-nida. (I have no where to go.)"

"Jeo-ri-ga! (Go away!)"

"Igo-si uri-im-nida! (This place is ours!)"

They pushed me away so stumbled in the ground. Lahat ba ng tao, bata o matanda, mahilig manakit? I closed my eyes dahil alam kong sasaktan nila ako. But someone came and saved me.

He's really good at fighting. At hindi niya pinabayaang may ibang bata pa ang makalapit saakin. Those older kids ran away, screaming like babies!

"Gwaen-chanayo, Sunmi? (Are you okay?)" He knows my name?

"Who are you?"

"I'm Eli... I'll be your oppa from now on."

Oppa? Older brother? I never had an oppa before. But with him, I felt safe.

"How can I trust you?"

He's just one year older than me, but he acts more than his age. He's serious and mature and he just smiled at me saying... "I said I'm your oppa. So just trust me"

For the first time, I smiled again. 'Oppa' is Kuya in Filipino. And I just got the best kuya that day. He's someone who swore to protect me, and love me as his own sister.

That day, I also swore to myself too, that I'll be the best sister that he can have.


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