Thursday, August 7, 2014

Walking Disaster - Chapter 3

Chapter 3
“If home is where the heart is then we’re all just fucked.”
Pete squinted as he held his phone near his face. He grunted upon realizing that it was the alarm he forgot to turn off. He drifted back to sleep. One more thing that he forgot was that he meant to keep that on for their gig at a local bar. He woke up again with Tricia shaking him by his shoulder.

Say 'I Love You'

Title:    Say 'I Love You'
Author:      EunSeungRi
Status:      Ongoing!!!
Genre(s):   Drama, Romance, School-life
Type:        English-Tagalog Fictional Story

Psycho's Love Interest : Chapter 19


Monday, August 4, 2014

Preach Electric To A Microphone Stand

Title:    Preach Electric To A Microphone Stand
Author:      conjurethemockingjay and WisdomDeath
Status:      On-Going
Genre(s):   Romance, Fan Fiction
Type:        English Fictional Story