Saturday, October 11, 2014

Preach Electric To A Microphone Stand - Chapter One: Pizza

Chapter One: Pizza.
By conjurethemockingjay
            “Here’s to the very successful, sold-out gig tonight,” Pete Wentz raised his glass, which was the signal for the other people who joined the small after-party that the band had created to raise their own glasses as well. Everybody was beaming at what the bassist had said, indeed proud for what they had done that night.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Another Wizard's Tale - Full Trailer

Promotional video intended for the English-Tagalog fictional story "Another Wizard's Tale"

*Footage from "Fiction MV", "Werewolf Boy", "Jack the Giant Slayer", "Homme Laneige"

*BG music from "Lyn - Song For Love", 


Monday, September 29, 2014

The Unknown - Chapter 4

There are things must left to be UNKNOWN for the danger that comes with it. Be curious to this UNKNOWN thing and you won't make it out alive
~ Delilah Nirvana


Friday, September 19, 2014

Never and Forever : Teaser

Never and Forever


“We have this mission na kailangan nating malaman kung saan dinadala ng isang sindikato ang mga babae, but we don’t know anything about this group, kung sino-sino sila at kung may kasangkot ba dito na malalaking tao. The problem is, we need a girl who we can use as bait for the group. Now Taiga, you think you can do the job?” dire-diretsong sabi ni Tyler.

Another Wizard's Tale : Teaser Video 2 (40 seconds)

Promotional video intended for the English-Tagalog fictional story "Another Wizard's Tale"

*Footage from "Fiction MV", "Men Are Like That MV"

*BG music from Lyn - "Song For Love"


Sunday, September 7, 2014

I Love You Mr. Womanizer: Chapter 26

Lumapag na ang eroplanong sinakyan ko sa NAIA mula sa Switzerland. Nakabalik na rin uli ako sa wakas muli dito sa Pilipinas after 2 years. Ngayon ang araw na napili kong balikan ang isang taong matagal ko nang dapat binalikan, pero bago niya akong makitang muli gusto kong makita niya ang malaking pagbabago sakin, ginawa ko ang lahat ng pagsisikap na ‘to para sakniya at sa sarili ko.