Friday, November 11, 2011

In Love With Narcissus

Title:    In Love With Narcissus
Author:      AegyoDayDreamer
Status:      On-going
Genre(s):   Comedy, Drama, Romance, School-life
Type:        Tagalog-English Fictional Story


Eunice "Yuni" Sparks
Eun Hee-Jun "Eunhee"
Eun Kyun-Soo "Kyun"
Jang Jae-Won "Jiwon" 
Mr. Adam Sparks


Eunice's chance of having her dream of a normal and happy life was almost up. In her seventeen years of existence, she has been under her father's strict control. And her sufferings grew bigger after knowing that  her father set her up on a fixed marriage.

She has to marry a guy from England when she turns eighteen, so she planned something else before that day happens. She talked to her father and asked him to allow her to enroll for culinary subjects at East Verlake Academy. She only got one year left to enjoy herself in discovering new things and happiness in life. Mr. Sparks agreed, in the condition that she will only be enrolled on that school year only and thus, Eunice was able to enter her dream academy.

It wasn't the greatest first day when she met three god-looking Korean guys, who seemed to be the school celebrities. They are pretty famous, but she's not attracted to them because of their personalities.

The three East Verlake princes: Jiwon or Mr. Model, Kyun or Mr. Eyeglasses, and the most conceited guy she had ever met, Eunhee or Mr. Pretty.

What would happen if an anti-social, lonely girl named Eunice join the three pin-up boys? How would she react to their solid and violent fans? Most importantly, how is she going to deal with the self-loving narcissist like Eunhee?

Will her one year of happiness turn to be a one year of messiness?


  1. wow! bago na naman!!! wait ko to ate!

  2. One year no update,,, aww.. Ang gondo ng characters ng mga lead kid cla and kya lang bitin..


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