Thursday, December 15, 2011

You're My Type

Title:    You're My Type
Author:      AegyoDayDreamer
Status:      On-Going
Genre(s):   Comedy, Drama, Romance, School-life
Type:        English Fictional Story


Katey Lewis
Grey Sanders
Dayle Steep
Lyra Mitchells
Shayne - Editor-in-Chief, Writing Club President
Megan - Track and Field Captain
Lloyd - Math Club President


Mithra is Katey Lewis' favorite ghost writer in their school newspaper. She admires and believes at whatever Mithra writes, that she actually thought that what she have for Mithra is more than admiration, but LOVE.

One day, an article written by Mithra was published in the school newspaper, and according to that article, there are 4 normal types of students in the school : Athletic type, Genius type, Leader type and the Popular typeBut that doesn't end there because there are two more types to complete the student’s classification. The lucky ones or the "All-Four Type" and the unlucky ones or the "Unknown Type".

Unluckily for Katey, who is obviously not popular, not good at any sports or couldn't excel at any academic subjects, she is that 'Unknown Type' of student.

Months later after that article was published, Mithra just banished. But Katey is still hoping to meet her greatest idol. While searching for Mithra's secret identity, Katey Lewis meets the famous and the one and only 'All-Four Type' school president Grey Sanders.

What will happen if the lucky one and the unlucky one meet? How are they going to change each other? Will Katey still be able to find Mithra? And how will she be able to fulfill her impossible love?

But the bigger question now is, how is she going to stop her heart beat for Grey Sanders? When all Grey did for her is to change her beliefs, and introduce her to the reality.


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