Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thesis Book I and II

Title:    Thesis Book I and II
Author:      Aileenfiao09
Status:      On-going
Genre(s):   Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Thriller
Type:        Tagalog Fictional Story

Thesis Book I – tells the introduction of the urban legend of the Thesis Book in the point of view of Swaz Lee, an HRM student.

Thesis Book II – mirrors the serial killings happened 10 years ago of the 7 proponents and 1 IT adviser. Seven new IT victims, one professor plays the end. This is a point of view of Chuck Evans, an IT student.
Are you going to defense your life by the death panel?

**So you think you know the story.. Think again**


  1. Woi, ptAyaN uLit,,, me LikE it,,, pAmpatibAy ng siKmurA,,, hwaHehe,,,

  2. there u go again.. another serial killings.. hold on!


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