Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Last Kiss [One-shot]

My Last Kiss

By: WisdomDeath (Four)

I was standing with my back against the wall when he arrived and my hand started to tremble. His presence made my body panic. I froze when he stood up in front of me. His hand found the curve of my waist, I looked up and was captivated by the look on his eyes. The calm aura he had made my heartbeat calm, too.

The next thing I knew was his hand on my cheek. I was too small for his tall self. I tiptoed and curled my hand behind his neck. He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. It tasted sweet. His hand slid down to the curve of my waist and pulled me closer. I found the will to push him away upon re­membering how he called me “stupid” a couple hours ago.

* * *

I was sitting on the bench at his garden when he sat beside me and said, “You know how stupid you are for loving a person a dying person like me.” He is dying and it didn’t make me love him any less than before. He completes me. I don’t know why I love him so much. I just know that I do.

* * *

He looked at me with those pleading eyes. I pushed him because just a couple hours ago, he called me stupid and there he was kissing me. I sighed and smiled at him. He took it as how I intended the smile to be. He kissed me again and I was taken by the sweet taste of his lips and the masculine smell of him.

I treasured every moment I had with him and I never regret my decision, not to kiss any other guy. He is my first and last kiss.

* * *

We were at the beach for a little celebration, it was my birthday. He was smiling but his illness took the life out of those lovely blue eyes of his. I can look at him and smile but deep inside I was crying, terrified of losing him. I convinced myself that he will stay with me for a long time, that he’ll be well and we’ll live together, and we’ll grow old together and even DO EVERY­THING TOGETHER, DIE TOGETHER.

He coughed and I ran to get some water, when I came back. He was lying on the blanket, lifeless. I ran towards him and checked his pulse but there’s no sign of life in his body anymore.

I shed more tears.

We did die together.

When he died, my heart did, too.


  1. Oh....why is it so sad? What's the illness of the guy? You should've mentioned it...hehe. Nice one shot but tragic :'(

  2. aWw, aNg trAgic ng eNding,,, aNg sAkit s hEart,,, </3

  3. stupid as what he calls her at kahit alam niyang iiwan rin siya, pipiliin pa rin niyang samahan siya... tragic nga but that's life and what true love is all about.

  4. awhh.. no touch talaga ako!.. ang sad nman ng ending.. huhuh.. stupid as it may seems,pero ganyan talaga pag nagmamahal ka.. (naks!feelingerang inlove talaga ako,hahha!!)


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