Sunday, March 29, 2015

Extramundane: Prologue


Sun's up, while we still have time, my love.
Let's create a wonderful memories, 
just the two of us.

 One thorny path, two twisted life,
 let the feelings overwhelm. 

Let's go to our paradise, Lenny!
Away from those prying eyes. 
And let us enjoy the time we still have.

Ah, you don't know how happy I am just being with you.
If I need to define you, you are the sun in my life
you're my light, my hope and  my happiness.

But once again, fate's cruel upon us.
 you left me when the moon's up,
leaving me amidst the darkness.

However, no matter what happens
Let's make a promise
Even if our time swept away.

Promise me, we'll be born again as new,
and could live together. 

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