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The Unknown - Chapter 5

Chapter 5

          I walked straight and didn’t even glance at him, once I reached the girls I can smell his scent stronger now, a mix of honey and pine trees; it has a calming yet delicious effect on me. 

          “So is it interrogating time?” I asked sweetly but I know they can see a deviously sparks in my eyes.

          “Delilah you know the rules” Cass gave me a pointed look.

          I just pouted at what she said; I really want to interrogate them for what they did today which is really rare for they have never been this bold before. Shrugging, I head back to my room shouting my goodbye’s to them in, saying I’m going back to my room.

          I walked up the majestic stairs and into the dark gloomy hallways, portraits covered in blood from the fight earlier is still present as of all the people is more busy in sleeping than cleaning this place, though there are no more dead bodies laying down. The rusty smell of the walls that are covered the walls and floors plus the dimly lit hallways have an eerie feeling to it.

          The only sounds you can hear is the clacks of my heels and the gushing wind outside. You think I would feel scared but—


          My screamed tore the deathly silent night, for someone grab me behind and pushed me to a door that is near. Once we entered the room I was prepared to attack the foolish person who dared locked me up in this room, but I was met with deathly glowing gold eyes. The sign of an enraged sinner and this is not good.

          I can feel the tingles shot through my waist and face as Damien had covered my mouth with his hand and his arms gripped my waist.

          Damn! What now?!

          “Why the fvck are you ignoring me?!”

        “What gives you ideas that I’m ignoring you?”

        “The fact that you didn’t even spared me a glance! And I’m your mate!”


          I lifted my eyebrows at him as if questioning what’s wrong with that. He just gave me a look of disbelief as if he can’t believe this is happening. Well never in the history of a sinner did this thing happened. Wow I made a record! Janice my sinner just snorted at how childish I was being.

          Then suddenly I can feel soft lips pressing to mine, I couldn’t help but kissed him back. The kiss was full of passion and longing, I put my hands around his neck, in a need to have him much more closely, in response he snakes his arms in my waist to pull me closer too. But sadly we need to break apart because we need oxygen to breathe. Then like lightning I slapped him!

        “What the f*ck?!”

        “That’s for kissing me!”

        —and then I kicked him in the baby maker

          “And that’s for not going after me after you saw me at the mall!”

        With that I walked away but not without sticking my tongue at him and skipping merrily down the hall into my room, well that felt good than I think it would. I walked inside my room, my room is a combination of black and white, my king size fluffy bed has a black and white stripe pattern while the pillows are white and the comforter is black, my bed is placed in the left side of my room, at the right side is a wall of glass so you can see what’s outside but they couldn’t see what’s inside even if they have sharp sight because I put some magic spell so they won’t have be a peeking tom.

          The next day I woke up feeling refresh and excited because 1 I got back at him and 2 I would see the prisoner even if they told me that I can’t do things. Though I think they would need me sooner than they thought. I jump up from my heavenly bed and go straight to the shower and did my thing.

          Once I got out of the shower I walked through my walk in closet and picked up my outfit of the day. A black tank top, jean short shorts, and a red cardigan with a touch of my favourite glasses and my long necklace that has been in my family, well the family I knew in earth, for centuries. I didn’t put on make-up just a lip balm and I put my bird nest of a hair in a pony tail.

                Satisfied with my outfit I walked out at my room and go down to the kitchen. Seeing everyone is already done eating and just talking casually in the long island table. I’ve gone to the chef and ordered told him what I want for breakfast with a smile as I’ve finished I walked to the shake table, we keep this for our headmistress don’t want a bar in the kitchen. I got myself a chocolate milk shake and walk to the table.

          I saw an empty sit next to Damien, just my luck; I smiled tauntingly at him, remembering our encounter last night. Damn that slap feels good even if my sinner doesn’t like it if his hurt, oh well he’ll live mhuahaha!

          “So did you get anything last night?”

        I asked them knowing that they didn’t get any ounce of information by the dejected look they have. I signed happily thinking it’s my turn now. Cue the evil laugh right here.

          “Fine! Do it your way, and boys if I were you I wouldn’t watch what she’s going to do because you won’t believe she has the guts by the way she looks and if you value what you just ate and a good night sleep.”

          Kayla said shivering from the memory of her walking in on me torturing someone. Well at least she gave a fair warning to the boys but—

          “Sorry to burst your bubble but I need all of you guys there so you guys would know what would I do to you if you ever hurt one of us”

        Saying this I watched them gulp in nervousness, this gave me more thrill as I can sense their fear. I didn’t like how I do this but I know this, torturing the suspects, will work even I myself hates it. But with the knowledge of what they did to— woah! Slow down the memory lane Delilah you don’t want them to be more wary of you.

          Finishing my breakfast fast because of the thinking that I got to do this thing again—

          “Now off to the dungeon we go boys!”


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