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The Unknown - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

(The outfit Delilah usually wears in missions)

(WARNING: Bloody scenes up ahead ... well not really xD)

          I walked down confidently down the stairs that leads to the dungeons. The boys following behind me are feeling tense and alert. I just rolled my eyes at how they are acting right now. The putrid smell of pee, blood, and vomit leaving a nasty combination in the air. The dungeons lighted by a torched of fire place at the wall that’s opposite the jail kind of cells, some of the cells have a different kind of species that is deformed, well thanks to me they are deformed like that. It’s not my fault they aren’t that cooperative in giving us answers. =__=

          Since I know they don’t want to scare the person they caught, I know they put him at the very back of the dungeons which may I add smells more okay than the smell in the first cells. Walking to the back of the maze like dungeons, every creature that sense as is crawling to the metal bars that separates us and weakly ask for help.

          “The heck is this maze for? I’m getting dizzy from all the turns we’re making! And with this awful smell too! How the hell do you girls manage to get down here?!” Xavier complained pinching his nose as if it will help him get the awful smell away.

          “Well let’s say we cast a little spell before going down here so we can’t smell what you smell right now” I told them when I looked back at them grinning widely at the end of my sentenced. They all are pinching their noses as if their lives depended on that, their eyes wide when they realize what I told them.

          “What the fvck is that spell?! PLEASE TELL US! I’M DYING FROM THIS SMELL.”  Travis said while acting as if his about to faint.

          “Well sorry guys it’s a secret for us girls just to know.” I winked at them as I get closer to the door of our captured intruder. Opening the door to the room, I sense the boys letting go of their noses as I closed the door for this room is shut tight so the smell can’t come in here.

          I felt the boys tense as they saw my babies—well it’s more like my collection of knives, whips, or any other kind of weapons that is considered deadly. Walking to the chair that is next to table that hold my babies, I sat down and got my favourite—my special knife.

          “You can sit down boys and enjoy the show” I smiled at them and pointed the chairs at the back, and faced the intruder who is source of the smell of fear.

          “Tsk tsk tsk, did you know that you did a bad thing not answering the others who asked you—what’s your name again?” I asked him looking him at the eye and smiling even though I know that I look more scarier smiling when I’m seriously pissed off.

          “P-Pet-Peter” the guys mumbled scared out of his wits, but his eyes held the determination look that says ‘I’m not telling anything!’ they always starts with that. This going to be one exciting interrogation, I smiled at the thought.

          “Well Peter did you realize your mistake not answering the others yesterday?”

        “No matter what you do I won’t tell you anything!” His fear gone and his determination strengthen.

          “Well Peter, we are going to play a game okay? I’m going to ask you question and if you answer truthfully you’ll be rewarded but if not.... you’ll be punished.” I said while cleaning my knife, but at the very end of the sentence I sent him a look telling ‘Give or be punished’. But he held strong to his belief. Poor guy I can see he has a soft looking skin hmmm....

          “First question: Who’s your boss?”
        “I won’t tell you his name! You’re going to die in the clearing anyway! You will never be as strong as him!”

        “Are you sure?” Walking to him I let my throwing knife go and grab my sharpest knife and walk to him slowly. When I reach him I straddled him in his chair. And caress him with my knife. I can smell the fear but also his determination not faltering one bit.

          “You have a nice soft skin.... it’s so soft that I just want to peel it off from you.” After that sentenced I pierced through his skin and peel of some of it. Blood gushed out of the place where I peeled off his skin. His tortured screams echoing in the room.

          “Are you going to tell me or not?”  I asked him, and went to another spot to peel of his skin as I see him shut his eyes and mouth close so he won’t give in. Seeing that I peeled of a skin in his neck that’s very close to vain that we are not supposed to cut off else the person will die, and I don’t want him to die.... yet. Peter screamed again as the skin is getting peeled of his skin, the blood dripping down his neck to the floor, his screams gives me a high feeling that makes me want to keep on torturing him. Still no response from him, I tore his shirt apart and cut put a flesh in his abdomen.

        “His name is Paulo! PLEASE STOP!!!”  His tortured voice screamed.

          “Well since you answered you’re going to get your reward.”         I smiled at him. I looked him straight in the eyes, and put my hands in either side of his face and moved my face closer to him, his eyes held a heated look in his face. And in a snap I twisted his neck.

          “You’ll die the quickest way” I smiled at his dead body, got up from his dead body and moved back to join the boys who looks like they’ve seen a ghost.

          “Why did you kill him? We didn’t get all the answers yet” Gabriel said snapping out of his daze state effectively snapping the other guys too.

          “To answer that my friend we got all the answers we need, 1st they will attack at the clearing we’re we usually held our annual party in about five months time, 2nd is that I know who Paulo is and what his capable of.”  I answered him calmly while wiping my hands off blood.

        “Remind me to never get in your bad side Delilah.” Xavier said his face showed horror at what I was doing earlier.

          “Well that’s nothing to compare to what I have done to the others. Let’s go down I’m really hungry! All that interrogation left me hungry!” I said while rubbing my stomach that just growled at protest earlier after I was done wiping my hands.

          “You can get fvcking hungry after that?!” Damien asked horror stricken at the act I just did earlier.

          “Well a girls’ got to eat you know!” With that I sped out of the dungeons because I want to feed my dragons in my stomach. What’s wrong for being hungry anyway? =.=


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