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The Unknown - Chapter 4

There are things must left to be UNKNOWN for the danger that comes with it. Be curious to this UNKNOWN thing and you won't make it out alive
~ Delilah Nirvana


Chapter 4

        I was staring at a girl, she has long slender legs that are being hidden by the ball gown, everyone hates ball gown’s that is like the 16’Th centuries but this girl’s ball gown has uniqueness to it. The upper garment is covered nothing but laced, but everything is covered. The skirt flares down in soft waves, the girl’s face has been done as if she was an angel, red hot lipstick adorned her lips, and a cat like black and silvery eye shadow was applied gracefully in her. Her normally straight hair is curled to perfection and is kept in a bun but they let some curls out to cover her fringe. Her face tinged innocence but her dress showed a dangerous yet sexy appeal to wondering eyes. I couldn’t believe that this girl is me; I never thought in my life can I be this beautiful. When I first saw this dress hanging at the store I knew this was the one and I surely was right.

        Alyssa put my mask on me. The mask is a black and silver mask but has been curved to perfection, it is in a french style mask. They decided last minute that it will be a masquerade ball. I don’t know what to feel right now, I know I will see him at the ball, I still remember our last encounter with each other, and boy is that a pretty sight to see!

        “Come on babe! It’s your turn to go down and be introduced”

        Alyssa or Ally as what I like to call her brought me back to the present and I’m grateful for I have so many unpleasant.... well unpleasant for others but for me thoughts in what I would like to do that boy. Maybe it’s not his fault anyway, Janice my sinner told me. Sure~ not his fault? It looks like he was literally sucking the life out of her! His hands were on her hips! My sinner just whimpered at the image.

        “The last sinner in the girls, who has the characteristic of a mysterious girl, her specialty is still unknown till this day. Miss Delilah Nirvana”

        The doors opened as the speaker introduced me, there were lots of gasp as they realized that this is the first time in history that a mere little girl got picked for the Nirvana family. I can see it in their eyes that they thought I was nothing just because they didn’t know my special ability. If I were them I would be glad they didn’t know because I have all the ability of the sinner. They would be just afraid of me more, they are already afraid of our race but I don’t want to give more things for them to be afraid of us.

        The ball room is huge, large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, one wall is covered in glass, and you can see the moon shining brightly and the vast garden outside the room. There are lanterns floating in the light giving the atmosphere a light one. The other side of the room is full of tables which I presumed the guest tables are because there is a stage in the next side of it that has a long table and I can see the other sinner girls there, and the headmistress of our school. You can hear music in the air giving a relaxing feeling, the large space in the middle is the dance floor where you can see the couples are dancing but stopped to show respect in the people being introduce.

        I walk down the stairs feeling confident but in the back of my mind I am freaking scared. Once I got down the stairs a man come up to me and helped me go and up to my sit in the stage with the other girl sinners, the boys haven’t arrived yet. Once I got sited to my seat I examined the girls dress, they all have different colours but they are beautiful and unique in their own way. Well I don’t think less in what they are wearing because I know that they will pick the right dress.

        Then the announcer announced the entering of the boys sinner, I can see as one by one they go down they saw their mate in this table and I can’t help but awed at the scene at it unfold. I saw that Gabriel was paired with Angelica, now that’s an exciting love team, despite Anji’s name her personality is wild well Gabby will be there now to keep her tamed. And Xavier got paired with Rose, well ouch Rose is a strict girl who followed the rules; well I hope Xavier will help loosen her up.

        “The last sinner for the boys is --- “


        There was chaos everywhere, but I and the other girls just looked at each other’s eyes and we know what to do. We took off our dress and it revealed our black leather uniform that hug our bodies firmly and is softer than it looks but its material cannot be easily tear up it is made from the finest material. Our weapons were in the belt we are wearing. We expected this to happen so we took precaution, we told the head mistress this and she agreed with our plan so we were ready from this sudden attack.

        But I was shocked in what I saw with my very eyes, Damien the last sinner, I knew his name cause we’ve been given the list of sinners so I know his my mate, his eyes showed anger. Anger that I cannot understand, well it has to wait there’s a freaking attack in front of us!

        I and the girls split-up, I was in the garden dealing with a group of rouges. I kicked the one who is advancing towards me with force that can instantly kill him; I took off my guns from my belt and keep on shooting the wolves in their heads instantly killing them. I kept on doing this until I was out of ammo, but I just shrugged and threw away those now useless guns, I just need to take matter in my hands then. The wolves growled at me I just rolled my eyes at them, How fvcking many are they?!

         The wolves attacked me at the same time but I just freeze them in the air, and walk to them as if I am not going to kill them but just merely taking a stroll. Once I got one by one closer to them I snap there neck and each wolf that has their neck snapped got burned to ashes.

        After I took care all of the trespassing creatures in the garden I walked back into the ball room. The entire sinner’s apparently have finished their jobs for they are discussing in what to do with the few creatures that they have left to live to be interrogated.

        And they’re stood Damien in all his glory looking at me with longing, well fudge me!


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