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The Unknown — Chapter 3

The Unknown — Chapter 3

          The scenery is passing in a blur, thanks to my senses I can see perfectly the beautiful place we are passing by. I couldn’t help but let out a joyful laugh at the adrenaline I’m feeling riding Lucas right now. I can just forget about the world and just fly up the sky with Lucas, but I know that is too good to be true, but for the time being I want to forget everything else. I want to let myself be free from reality that is hunting me from every corner of my being.

          “My dear, I have something to show you”

          I heard Lucas voice inside my head, so this is how it feels to be a rider of a dragon. How can I talk back to him? I heard Lucas laugh inside my head.

          “My deepest apology, I have forgotten to tell you how we can communicate with each other. I can read your mind and you can read mine, so we will know what we want to say or do.”

        Ugh great, someone who’s going to be inside my mind 24/7, I grumbled and Lucas just laughed at my expense.

        “Where are you taking me anyway?”

        “Be patient my dear, you will know in time”

          With that, Lucas cut off our communication, HEY! How did he do that?! Ugh I need to learn more about this dragon and rider’s stuff is there a book for this thing? Or even a manual?

          I feel Lucas landing gracefully but once we landed, I was shocked at the place where we were. We we’re in the boy’s academy.....

          “You girl! Who are you? State your name and your business here”

         Some guy shouted but from the crunches of leaves there are many others who are surrounding us. But I just rolled my eyes at him and bowed.

          “I am the 10’Th sinner, and this is my dragon Lucas”

          I introduced us with a glint of pride in my eyes, cause they ceased in there crouching form and relaxed as they knew that I am not one of they’re enemies. Anyway can’t they tell I’m a sinner? Maybe they’re the lowest people cause I know that strong people doesn’t need this many people with them.

          “Why did you bring me here anyway? You of all creatures should know I don’t want to be here”

          “You will know soon my dear, be patient my child”


          In a flash they bowed their heads at me, feeling shocked at the sudden move and utterly confused as to why they need to bow at me like that. But once I look at them their eyes held awe in what they are currently seeing. Err... Is this the first time they saw a sinner?

          “What’s going on in here?”

          A new voice spoke; I can see him emerging from the trees. I can sense that he too is a sinner just like me. He looks like he step out of a magazine, grey stormy eyes, hair as dark as a raven but I can see that when the light hits his hair there’s a hint of blue in it, his jaw has little stubbles hinting he haven’t shaved yet, he is utterly handsome. But nothing compared to my mate.

          Then like lightning, I remembered him. Now I know why Lucas brought me here.

          “You could have freaking warn me about your freaking decision!”

          And like deer caught in headlights his eyes got big and then look around acting as if he didn’t heard me, acting all innocent. Innocent my ass!  I was really angry now. I don’t want to face that man yet. I was still under the shocked that I’ve found him and at the exact time saw that he cheated on me. I knew true love was too good to be true, but I know I hoped for it because I never was brought into the world of love. I know that life is about surviving, who will able to survive the horrible future we are up against.

          “My deeply apology, it seems that my dragon brought me in the wrong place. I am Delilah sinner of the Nirvana clan.”

        I heard many of the boys gasp, for they have known that in the Nirvana’s family there are only boy sinners since the beginning of time. This is the first time that the Nirvana Clan having a girl sinner.

          “Ah yes the great Delilah, I see you finally found your dragon and about time you found him. How rude of me to forget to introduce myself. I am Xavier of the Death clan at your service milady”

        After he said that he looks into my eyes and kissed the back of my hand, well how gentleman of him but I can sense that he has playboy persona with the glint of his eyes. I just rolled my eyes at his attempt of flirting.

          “Cut the crap man, you know you’re not allowed to flirt to another sinner if it isn’t your mate.”

        The blond haired dude with sparkly icy ice said who’s right beside him. Huh where these guys did came from anyway? They just always appear out of thin air.

          “Well this beautiful lady is an exception Gaby”

        Then he winked at me, and I just pretend that I’m sick in what he did. The blue eyed guy just punch him in the gut and now Xavier is now howling in pain a little bit exaggerating if I do say myself.

          “Don’t mind that guy Delilah; by the way I am Gabriel from the Angel clan.”

        “Nice to meet you Gabriel, I’m really sorry for what me and my dragon caused here. I didn’t know that he was going to take me here, if I knew I would have told him to go back to my academy”

        He just waved me over as if saying its nothing. I just smile at him and walked to Lucas getting ready to go back to my academy.

          “Aw! Going away soon princess?”

        Xavier asked, I just winked at him and get on Lucas. Lucas was all but ready to take off.

          “Don’t worry the ball is next week right? We’ll see each other there”

        I just grinned at them and with that being said Lucas flew to the sky going back to our academy.

          I just realized damn I still don’t have a dress yet!


          So what do you guys think about this? Sorry kung maiksi, hindi pa ako ganun kasanay sa English XD but I’ll try my best.

          So ano kaya magandang suoting ni Delilah? ^_^  comment what you guys think will suite her wild personality XD

          Oh yeah nag hahanap po ako ng editor :3 please just comment if you want ^^ hirap na ako sa bawat chapters eh I need to proof read everything and all tapos minsan na wriwritters block ako. I’ve been re-writing this chapter for 2 weeks now kaya natagalan. Sorry ^^

~ PrincessAngel

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