Friday, August 15, 2014

The Unknown - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

 By: PrincessAngel_16

I was running into the woods like my life depends on it. I can hear someone following me, and then everything turns black. Now I’m in some kind of long hallway, since there’s nowhere to go but to follow the path, I followed it. It seems hours have passed but I’m still in this long hallway until I see a door in the end. I hurried my pace and then found myself in front of it. Once I opened the door, the door creek in protest, as if no one has been in here for centuries. Once I saw what’s in there I couldn’t believe my eyes, there was a dragon in it. But I know it’s not an ordinary dragon, it’s the first king of all dragons. I keep on hearing tales about this dragon.

“My dear child welcome”

I was shocked when I heard its voice. I couldn’t help but stare at the dragons eyes; it has a very unique colour. It was fiery red, but not the kind of red you can find in the eyes of vampires. But the kind of red that no one can ever imagine seeing, I looked through its body and see it has a silvery colour, his wings are like white but have a silver glint. I was astonished because no other dragons have this colour or is this big. His 25 ft tall! I couldn’t imagine being the dragon’s enemy. I shivered at the thought of being this dragon’s enemy.

“Why am I here?”

I whispered but I’m sure he heard me. I can see it in his eyes, I relaxed when I felt his not going to attack me but I felt he has something important to tell me.

“My dear do not be frightened for I am here to give and to tell you something important. First of all I am Lucas, the first dragon that has been born in this wonderful world. I died in battle but now our god’s has summoned me to live again for I will be needed in the upcoming battle. You my dear will be my rider as the fates have spoken.”

I was again dumfounded when I heard that I will be the rider of this dragon but I heard the stories about dragons and they’re rider. The rider doesn’t go and pick the dragon but the dragon will be the one to pick they’re rider.

My dear even if the fates doesn’t tell me you will be my rider I will always pick you, for I have been watching you since the day my fellow dragons told me that no dragon has ever come up to you but they said that you are the only sinner that doesn’t have yet a rider and that picked my interest. I was confused in what the others have been telling. Until one day, I found you at the lake when you were 13. I sense that you were meant for greatness and to be my rider when I am reborn. Now my dear I kept you slumber for a good amount of time now. Once you woke up go to your balcony and you will know how to call me.”

I’m still sinking in what he just said but then I was once backed into reality. I can hear frantic noises everywhere. Once I upon my eyes, I can see that I’m back in my own room, too many wires attached to me. Then suddenly I was engage in a hug, 4 pairs of arms are hugging me tightly now I can’t even breathe.

“I know you guys missed me but I can’t breathe!”

Then instantly the arms that had been hugging me is now not on me. But I can feel the glare of my friends.

“And what the hell happened to you young lady?!”

I flinch from her voice, but then like watching a movie, all the past events came crushing down on me. But then the most important thing was what Lucas said to me. I immediately run to my balcony. Once I reach it two words came into my mind.

“pró̱ti̱ drákos!!”

I can hear the gushing of wind coming from the distance then relieve to see the dragon but much smaller, then I remembered he just got reborn. I smiled as I see him neared; I can hear the gasps everyone did as they saw my dragon.

Yup even if I have a crappy day this is the best part of it!


  1. nice. parang nagbabasa lang aku ng fairy tale.. :)))


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