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The Unknown — Chapter 1

(Edited as of 10/20/2014)

Chapter 1

          The wind is blowing to the north. I stand still while observing the forest, keenly searching for my prey. As I listen carefully in the forest there’s birds chirping, wind passing and branches moving with the wind. A branch is snapped— there he is! I run fast in a speed faster than human eyes can perceive. I can see him running in the clearing and so I stop. Once I reach the clearing I say in a low and commanding voice. “Who are you and what are you doing here!?” the man lightly chuckled at my statement. Unmoved by the sound of my voice he said these words “I am a person who you will meet in the aftermath, my dear child.” At first I didn’t understand what he just said but when I did it all became clear, he had already unleashed his wings and flew up into the dark starry night to nowhere.

“Damn! He got away!”

          My team finally showed up in the clearing.

          Kayla asked, “Where is he?”

          “He got away”

          “What?! Why the hell did you let him slip?! He is one of them!” Cassandra shouted at me

         "SHUT UP! It’s over now okay? I’m sorry but there’s nothing we can do now.” I walked back to the academy, Domini Quod Academy.

          That’s an academy with other people like us but we 5 girls are different. We are the chosen ones of the family. It is written in the Book of Beginnings that every family has a chosen one but the chosen one is not from the family, rather is hidden in the mortal world until they reach a certain age. 

          One fae will go to our family and tell them who we are; she/he will be our guide in everything. I am one of them sadly my name is Delilah Nirvana, the chosen one of the Nirvana family. 

          The others are Kayla Infernal, Angelica Celestial, Prim Rose Heaven, and Cassandra Abyss. Their surname is basically the name of the family they are chosen to be with. We are the most powerful girls in our entire species. We were originally 10, the other 5 is the boys who we are going to meet next week at the ball. 

          We were created by the 10 family as they built a boulder that protect us from the unknowns, while they made the boulders they have decided to make a guardian for it to. So that is why we are born here now. We can live for thousands of years.

           We are separated from the boys of the other half that are chosen because we are each other’s mates but in our training we need to be fierce, no emotions, guarded. With our mates around it would eventually lead to destruction. Mates are soul mates that are gifts from our god's.

          The girls and I are now walking to the cafeteria. When we enter the cafeteria it is so quiet you can hear a pin drop; I can feel they’re eyes staring at us.

        “Ugh can they please stop looking just for once? They've been here with us every year”

          I mumbled and the girls just giggled at what I said. We go to the counter and order our food; I bought waffles, pizza, coke and an apple, what? A girl got to eat too you know! We sat down with our food in our own area where no one sits besides us.

          We look at each other and then there is a silence until rose breaks the silence and says, “So? What are you guys going to wear to the ball?” Since the girls are all very fashion crazy and with excited squeals they start talking all about they’re ''perfect dresses''. Speaking of dresses—

           “Hey Lila, do you have your dress?” everyone quieted down to hear Angel speak.

          “Ugh .... Not yet?” I cringe after what I just said cause I know what they’re going to say—

          “WHAT?!” they say, I covered my ears at how loud they are.

          “Shush it’s just a ball!” I said eating my waffle.

          “Just a ball she said!?” Kayla said incredulously while throwing her arms in the air for the dramatic effect.

          “It’s more than a ball Lila. It's the ball where we will be told whom we are going to be with. Loving us for who we are and not what we are. I still can’t believe we are going to find our mates” Cass explained with a dreamy sign.

           “Well I’m perfectly fine without him anyway, ok? I lived my entire 18 years without him. Boys are just trouble. I hate them, no I loathe them!” I said as confidently as I could.

          It seemed as though they were looking at each other like there’s some passing message between them using just their eye's then Kayla squeals, “It’s decided we need to go shopping for her dress!” I looked at them in horror. Shopping with these girls is pure torture. I screamed in my mind, please god save me!

          They dragged me to the car and drove to the nearest mall. Being the chosen one has some perks and one of them is getting a credit card that has no limit. As we walked towards the entrance to the mall I could smell something delicious. My sinner (it’s what we are called, I can talk to mine like how other creatures can talk to theirs) Alisha perks up at what we smell and due to my curiosity we decide to quietly follow it. We walk until we I see a guy who looks 6’3; he has a broad shoulder and a mop of dirty blonde hair. I realize right then that I know he is my mate but just as I walk up to go near him, I noticed that he’s not alone. He's kissing someone else so I stopped dead in my tracks. I think he noticed my scent but when he turns to me he looks at the glistening tears in my eyes. I quickly run away never looking back. I can hear the girls shouting as I'm running off.

         I don’t care if there’s human's here; I ignore them and keep on running the fastest that my feet can handle, until I reach the forest. I dodged the trees in my way. I can feel my heart breaking in pieces from what I just witnessed. My vision go blurry at the amount of tears threatening to spill down my face, until I run up to see a  waterfall. I walked up to it then jump down, water urging me to go down but I completely stilled not daring to move, then I feel nothing. I feel a type of darkness surrounding me and I let it in.

          This is why I hate boys. They cause nothing but pain. They’re nothing but trouble. This is why I don’t trust them anymore. Once I might have trusted them but now....They can all just go straight to hell, I don't care anymore. Darkness is my only friend now. Thank the gods there’s darkness here in the world.


Hello ! this is a new and improve chapter ! parang masyadong cliché kasi yung dating first chapter ! Please tell me if parang may kulang or anything okay ? I will gladly appreciate it ~ ^^

And I need help writing this kasi.... I tried to make the fighting scene and waaaaaaaah T^T hindi ko kaya so anyone can help me in the fighting scenes please ? :(

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