Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Unknown - History of Paliterna

A/n: Well my friend told me she’s a little lost in my book even if it’s just at the beginning. Here are some things that will help her and you guys a bit ^^

 History of the Paliterna World

          There are 12 sinners and holy, originally there was 7 deadly sinners who are wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. In the early centuries there were 14 of them who contrast the 7 deadly sin they were the perfect balance to each other. The seven holy virtues that are the opposite of the deadly sins are  prudence, justice, temperance (or restraint),  courage (or fortitude), faith, hope, and charity (or love). But 1 of the couple’s who are the most balanced of all got her mate killed. The fact that she was one of the holy virtues didn’t go unnoticed but the lost of her mate got unbarring for her she succumb to the darkness which she learned from her mate who has the sin of wrath. She made thousands of children to make an army, that species is called the Unknown. With the statues that the 14 families made Ailsa who is the holy turned sinner had gone to slumber, but with the next few centuries the statues one by one falls down, now only 3 are left.

          If the 3 other statues fall down it will be the end of everything and Ailsa will be awakened, with how Ailsa reacted now they are not called the Sinner and the Holy but the Sinners for they can turn into pure evil even with the purest hearts. The sinner’s who are still in the process of maturing to have their full strength is not been told with this information for they will try to search what are they, are they a sinner? Or a holy?

          With Ailsa’s awaking getting nearer, the 14 strongest families formed a prophecy.

Thru the seven merge the fourteen,
Earth, fire, water and sky turn in gleam.
The one that destroy was in deep slumber
With the secrets revealed down under.
Soon the sky will reveal the truth,
Upon all lies whom beseech the root.
A young one will rise both within the truth and lies
The one who will turn gifts into sacrifice.
The unclaimed one will be dotted with power
The unclaimed one that brings the forth.
With holy and sin under her bower.
The one that can put her to eternal slumber,
Or the one that can release and free her.
The unclaimed will be born with two moons and a sun.
With dark and light as her guide

The prophecy is made and may the words revive.

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