Thursday, March 13, 2014

Freezia's Biggest Secret

Title:    Freezia's Biggest Secret
Author:     SorceressPrincess
Status:      On-going!
Genre(s):   Action, Romance, Adventure, Myster/Thriller,  Suspense and Humor
Type:        Tagalog-English Fictional Story


Zia was bullied by her classmate and upperclassmen when she was a sophomore in high school. She was almost died because of them, because of her hatred on them, she swear herself that she'll be back--vengeance for what they did to her.  

 She was now known as Ice Phoenix, nobody knows who she is nor her gang mate. She was also entitled as Queen of Gangster because she was the only toughest fighter woman in the black street world. And now she was ready to hunt those people who bully her. Subalit bago pa niya ma-hunt ang mga iyon ay naging magulo ata ang buhay niya nang nag-transferred siya sa Crucifix University, it was known for hypocrite and brats student. At doon nakilala niya ang dalawang member ng Demon Gang na sina Rui and Lance.



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