Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Demonic King Consort

Title: The Demonic King Consort
Author: SorceressPrincess
Status: ON-GOING!
Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, History, Romance and Slice of life
Type: English-Tagalog Fictional Story


In this lifetime, siya si Meisha Yuen. She has a timid and introvert personality which made the concubines and siblings of her father bully her. She was weak and known as a curse child due to the color of her eyes and hair.
One night, she somehow experience life and death which was trigger to restore her previous life memories. Back then, she was a renown triple s rank magician in her previous world and died from incurable disease. Now that she retained her previous memories, her personality sudden change.
"White eyes and hair ay curse child na agad? Pah! Mga bobo!"
"Sige, apihin niyo pa ako pero huwag kayong umasa na maging mabait ako!"
"Gusto mong ikansela ang engagement natin? Sure! Tutulungan pa nga kita eh!"
"What the! Kailan pa ako nagkaroon ng yandere?"

Schedule: Monday & Saturday


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