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The Demonic King Consort: Glossary


Notes: This glossary will updated from time to time, to distinguish the new information please do look for the italic words.

Yuen Family (Azure Dragon Clan)

§  Meisha – Si Meisha ang protagonist nang istorya na ito, naalala niya ang dati niyang buhay sa lurra mula nung nag-aagaw buhay siya. Sa dati niyang buhay ay siya si Micha Wistra, kilala siya noon bilang triple S rank magician. 

§  Lavina – Siya ang kapatid sa ama ni Meisha. Isa sa paborito nang ama nila at kilala si Lavina mula bata sa talento niya sa majika.  

§  Madam Ivina – Siya ang official o first wife nang ama ni Meisha. 

§  Millard – Pangalawang nakakatandang kapatid na lalaki ni Meisha sa ama. 

§  General Rolf – Siya ang punong angkan at lolo ni Meisha. 
§  Diego – Third senior master of the Azure Dragon Clan, pangatlong tito ni Meisha.

§  Soraya – Pangatlong tita na nakausap ni Meisha noong tinawag siya nang kanyang lolo sa study room nito.

§  Natasha – Siya ang 4th concubine ni Zalian Yuen. 

Rethem Family (Imperial Clan)

§  Crown prince Cleo– Siya ang dating fiancé ni Meisha.

§  King Porfirio – Siya ang hari nang buong estado ng rethem, ama nang crown prince. 

Lansford Family

§  Prime Minister Lansford – Meisha meet him during the archbishop’s birthday banquet, hindi maganda ang impresyon ni Meisha sa lalaki dahil malagkit na nakatitig ito sa dalaga.

Holy Temple Sect

§  Venerable Archbishop Samiel – Isang respetadong tao si Archbishop Samiel, mula pa bata pa si Meisha ay ito lamang ang nagpahalaga sa kanya. He’s one of the elder of the Holy Temple Sect. 


§  Barrette Himlas – Isa sa alipin ni Meisha at 5th rank warrior. Ilang beses na ito binalik nang dating amo dahil sa hindi magandang pag-uugali nito.

§  Richie Gilreath - Isa sa alipin ni Meisha at 4th rank warrior. Siya’y isang rabbit beastkin at mahilig sa magagandang babae.

§  Vito Maddux - Isa sa alipin ni Meisha at 4th rank warrior. Tila nagbibigay ito nang aura ng isang financial advisor.

§  Alice Grandy - Isa sa alipin ni Meisha at 3rd rank martial artist, marami din itong alam sa gawaing pambahay. Mahiyain. Siya’y isang cat beastkin.

§  Wanwan Wilderman – Isa sa alipin ni Meisha, marami din itong alam sa gawaing bahay at mahilig itong kumain.

§  Ezperanda Sepeda – Isa sa alipin ni Meisha, specialty nito ay pagluluto.

§  Butler Jamal – Isang alipin at matandang mayordomo. Isa ito sa mga taong mahilig apihin si Meisha.


Job Profession

§  Martial Artist, Warrior, Magician, Assassin, blacksmith, apothecary, priest, exorcist-priest, tracker and hunter

Mana Core/Spirit Stone Rankings (The bigger the core the better quality)

§  SSS – Golden orange color, this is the highest grade among the cores.   

§  SS – Violet color

§  S – Light blue color

§  A – Blue color

§  B – Green color

§  C-D – Red color

National Ranking 

§  12th Rank – Godly level

§  11th Rank – Demigod level

§  10th Rank – Saint Level

§  9th Rank – Sky Level

§  8th Rank – Ancestor Level

§  7th Rank – Emperor level

§  6th Rank – King Level

§  5th Rank – Grandmaster Level

§  4th Rank – Master Level

§  3rd Rank – Practitioner Level

§  1st – 2nd Rank – Disciple Level

Guild Ranking

§  S, Double S and Triple S Rank

§  A, Double A and Triple A Rank

§  B, Double B and Triple B Rank

§  C-E Rank

Magical Beast – This is non-aggressive type of monster can be domesticated, lots of them outside the dungeon.

Demonic Beast – An aggressive type of monster is the hardest to tame and will kill whether its kin or not. Unlike the magical beast, this demonic beast cannot be eaten by people due to its impure magical or spiritual power.

Oestrell – The setting of this world was in medieval-fantasy era.  Nahahati ito sa walong kontinente; Deadlands, Dinotopia, Nas’Neren, Red Dominion, Cirinia, Everice, Serranean at Xendrik. 

Lurra – Isang mundo na kabaliktaran ng Oestrell, this was set in a fantasy-modern society era.

Mana – This is a mystical energy dwell on a person which they are able to use technique and spells. 

Dou Qi – It is like an internal energy, this is enabling a person to use something like a martial arts technique or skills. It similar to Mana, however the difference was that mana can be use only for pure magician.

Cultivation - It is a Taoist concept by which humans can extend their lifespan through a set of cultivation arts called the "Art of Breathing". This art can be divided into Base Building and other arts. Base Building itself refers to the practice of strengthening the body through the "Exercising Method.” The "Cultivating Method" could comprise martial arts, Buddhism, or Taoism depending on the doctrine of different religions. The "Cultivation" is considered disobedient to Heaven. (From: Wikipedia)

Illiesm ­ - This is an act of referring to oneself in the third person instead of first person. Ginagamit ito bilang respeto sa isang tao.  



§  Mana Core – It is an innermost or central part of the magical/demonic beast, this item can be used to enhance your weapons or create magic potions.

§  Spirit Stone – this is used to refined pills to enhance the spiritual energy and body.

§  Essence of blood – This is mostly used crafting recipes especially for the blood, summoning and enslavement magic. (As you remembered, Meisha use her blood for summoning her contractual spirits and used Barrette’s blood to enslave him)

§  Enslavement Ink – This used to mark the slaves in order for them not to retaliate or escape from their owner. It has a blood essence of khalitzburg and wolf that can make one person strongly obey the owner’s and slave can only be free if the owner die. 


§  Red, blue and yellow flower herbs – This is distinguished herbs that can be used to make low – mid medicine.

Dictionary & Proverbs or Idioms

§  Eating vinegar – Jealous

§  Holier-than-thou - The attitude of people who consider themselves to be more virtuous or morally superior to others can be called 'holier-than-thou'.

§  Lower than a snake’s belly - To say that someone is lower than a snake's belly means that they are bad, dishonest or have very low moral standards.

§  Dog-eat-dog – Mean very competitive.

§  En – A sound of affirmation. Yes/Okay

§  Playing fire and you get burn ­– If you do something dangerous then there’s a potential that you’ll get hurt.  

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