Friday, July 17, 2015

The Reasons Why Jesse Gil Will Remain Perpetually Single: Reason 7

Reason 7:
       Earphones plugged or booming speakers. Movies or series marathon. An open book or magazine. A blank paper and a pen.
       Any of those would mean I’m in my own world. Some would think that I’m crazy but some would understand me.
       MUSIC speaks for me. It reminds me of my feelings. It makes me aware of the things I deny. It becomes my best friend when nobody wants to be.
       MOVIES and SERIES keep me distracted once in a while. Romance does remind me what I don’t have though. Other than that, watching distracts me from what’s going on in my life.
       BOOKS pull me in different worlds, where I feel like I’m not the only misunderstood person existing.
       MAGAZINES entertain me with the pictures and articles. It’s better than nothing.
       When I have a paper and a pen, that where I totally disappear to my own world. I would forget how crappy my life is and I would step into a world, which I can control.
       Sometimes I forget the real world and get stuck in the worlds I have seen, read, or made. Most of the time, those are better places to be in rather than the real one. Although, no matter how much I want to stay in those worlds, I can’t because reality slaps me hard in the face every damn time.  
       Reality is such a bitch at times but most people like living in it. Not me.
-Jesse Gil


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