Monday, May 11, 2015

The Reasons Why Jesse Gil Will Remain Perpetually Single: Reason 6

Reason 6:

       I’m pretty sure you have guessed this one before I even began. It’s obvious. No normal human being would do something this dramatic-creating this whole list of reasons why I’ll remain single for the rest of my life.
       Those, who spent their time trying to get to know me well, know how I usually talk about all the drama that has been happening in my life. Those people let me because they know that I don’t talk about my problems with my family.
       I have the tendency to mention all my problems to the people I feel I could trust. He/She doesn’t have to ask me what’s wrong because I would willingly tell the whole story.
       Now who would want to be with a person who pours her bag and invite people in her problems? No one.
-Jesse Gil

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