Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Reasons Why Jesse Gil Will Remain Perpetually Single: Reason 4

Reason 4:
By: WisdomDeath

       I never had the confidence to wear the clothes I want to wear, not that I don’t like the clothes I wear. It’s just that I dream of wearing skirts, dresses, and all those girly things but I always thought those don’t fit me. I never tried any of them on. I just saved a lot of pictures of cute clothes and shoes. I look at those whenever I just feel like doing so, and sometimes it makes me feel bad.
       I’m happy with my simple shirt-jeans-Converse style, but that doesn’t mean I never thought of wearing something different. Due to my style, people actually see me as a guy than a girl. At first I let it slide because I saw it as a joke, but as time went by it started to sound more serious. The painful part was when people asked me if I am a lesbian. Not that I have something against LGBT but I know that I am not one, but people insisting that I am made me feel like I was too dumb not to know what I amlike they know me better than I know myself.
       As much as I wanted to dress differently just to show them that I am, in fact, straight, I knew that I wouldn’t be comfortable and confident to wear those kinds of clothes. I didn’t change my style and people still see me as a guy.
       Thank you so much for judging me by what I wear.
-Jesse Gil



  1. Because she's a vampire.. Haha! Lol naalala ko lang si Jesse sa Vampire Chronicle..


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