Monday, March 30, 2015

The Reasons Why Jesse Gil Will Remain Perpetually Single: Reason 1

Reason 1:
The Mask You Call a Face
by: WisdomDeath

          That is the first thing guys look at when checking a girl out. Ah! The pretty girls always get a lot of guys in their grips. While girls like me, who were not blessed with a goddess-like face, rarely have to deal with guys.
       This head attached to my neck has a mask glued on it. It’s a mask you call a face. Well, a pitiful excuse for a face. Okay, so maybe I am exaggerating on this detail. I just really don’t think I’m physically attractive. I see myself as super plain.
       My parents tell me I am pretty but we all know that parents are somehow obligated to praise their kids, because calling their kids unattractive will mean that they, as the parents, are unattractive as well.
       I have been called “ugly” enough times to actually start believing it. Every damn time I look at a mirror, I see those people who keep on reminding me that I don’t look like a freaking doll. And every time I look away from a mirror, I remind myself that they don’t know me. They see me, they probably know my name, but they don’t know me-know me. Their judgment becomes invalid. Well, for me.
       In whatever angle I look at, most guys dig pretty girls. Pretty in the sense that they look like goddesses or a real-life Barbie.
        Jesse Gil


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