Monday, April 6, 2015

The Reasons Why Jesse Gil Will Remain Perpetually Single: Reason 2

Reason 2:
by WisdomDeath

        Hourglass. Ah that shape of a girl’s body that most girls die to have and what most guys are looking for. I am on the fluffy side and that’s not really what most guys are looking for. Even knowing that having an hourglass body is a plus point, I never actually did something to have it. Maybe because I am satisfied with my body as it is.   
       I’ve been called “fat” before, especially back in elementary. High school is a bit the same but sometimes it gets too personal,  that I end up feeling horrible about myself. I convince myself, again, that for my height, my body isn’t too big but when my classmates’ words enter one ear, it doesn’t go out of the other. Their words run up to my mind, in a special space for every insult I have ever heard.
       It sort of made me try to change a bit. I did lose weight. Not much but enough to be noticeable.
       I can’t even wear the clothes I actually want to wear, but that’s a different story. We’ll get there. It’s still a long way to go, anyway. Yep. What a narcissistic way of telling you one thing, huh? What’s that one thing? I’m undesireable. If these two reasons haven’t convinced you, then continue reading.
-Jesse Gil


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