Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Mark of Elosh: Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Red Escapade

Art is magic delivered from the lie of being truth. -- Theodor Adorno

Tonight was nothing but just a usual night shift of these Eloshians' Knights. Lately, the Kingdom of Elosh was running out of supply of the holy meat because of the rapid increase in the number of people who have an ability to attain the price of the Allourre -- The said bringer of Luck. The Alloure is a magical ink made by the High Witches of Elosh.
They said that the Alloure was extracted from the blood of the Marked Child -- whom they believed was their current Crown Princess. So to balance the situation, the King sent an edict that there will be a price increment for every drop of Alloure. Not only that, there was also a dramatic decrease in the amount of Exorcists they caught these days. It seems like the outside world of Arden has already given up on purifying their Kingdom.
And that's why, the Monarch sent a heavy number of Knights to guard and chase down some prey that they require in order to maintain their so called powers from the magical ink -- Alloure.
Because of the high security implemented all over the continent of Elosh. Valeree and the almost-eaten-up-man find it hard to escape out of her Auntie's backyard.
They were currently hiding behind the dense shurbs, when Valeree started to cry.
"Sshh, quite." The man ordered, as he attempted to close his open wound along his belly with a piece of cloth came from her Auntie's dress.
"You... Killed my only family." Valeree sniffed, when the events played on her mind once more. This man she's with now had just murdered her Auntie right in front of her eyes. She gritted her teeth when her mind replayed the fast reflexes of this man. With his last energy, he grabbed the knife in her bag and he darted it right on the forehead of her Auntie.
"What do you want me to do then? Let her eat me? While she force you to eat me too?" The man asked, staring directly at her eyes.
"Alive?" He continued, and he shook his head in disgust. "I will not do that! I'm different with other Eloshians here!" She replied, angrily.
"Oh, really? Then why you're with her? Auntie huh?" He mocked, making her feel betrayed up.
"Can't you see? She's an owner of a vegan store, and she promise..."
"Whatever happened to your Auntie tonight, she was no longer that vegan you know." The reality of his words made her empty. She always hopes, for the whole existence of her life, that her co-Eloshians will change, but the occurrence with her Auntie was just a proof that she must give up now.
"Why--" She dropped behind, when the man holds up her hand signaling her to stop.
"Look, the soldiers are shifting, let's go." He commanded, as he put his black coat on his right shoulder. He was still topless, which Valeree secretly adores because of an amazing built of his body she hasn't seen before. Based on the look of his strong back, broad shoulders and six pack abs, it made her feel safe that he could out throw these Knights of Elosh.
Valeree hesitated to go with him, as the man stood out of these thick bushes where they are hiding. She knows Elosh is her home, she was the real Marked Child, and because of it, she has a great desire to change the way Eloshians believe in this legend.
"Are you coming with me?" He asked, he was ready to kick the bucket, his feet were set to run and his hands were carrying a device which Valeree didn't know what's that for.
It was her big oppurtunity at last. That question will change her life, she knows sooner or later Elosh will be a place of more cruelty than before, and her safety will be put in question. But if she comes with this guy, will it be safe too?
There was no safe answer between the two, that’s why Valeree just also stood up with him.
"Hold on." He commanded.
"What? Where?" She asked, nervously looking at him. The man suddenly grabbed her by her waist, Valeree's cheeks turned tomato red which made the man smirked. Valeree immediately remove her gaze to this man, and there she saw a new Knight coming on their way.
"Let me go, they are coming we should run!" Valeree protested, as she awkwardly tried to get out of this man tight grip.
"Run? You got to me kidding me." He replied, with a short laugh after his sentence.
"What?" She asked nervously, her hands instantly went cold.
"Were gunna fly, Estan!" He yelled, the moment he yelled those words the thing he was holding in his hands glow in bright neon green. He raised his left arm in the air, while his other arm tightens its grip around Valeree's waist.
"Exorcist!" The Knight, whom Valeree had seen, has finally noticed them. Valeree was about to run absentmindedly when her feet suddenly feels weird.
She can no longer feel the land. They were...
"Were flying!" Valeree gasped, as she wrapped her arms tightly around this man body. As the said thing on his hands glows brighter, the higher they get out of the Land of Elosh. The Knight who saw them runs back to his other colleagues.
"Oh shit. Fly fighters." The man groaned, Valeree looked at him and asked what the fly fighters are, but the man didn't answer her, instead he just gave her a command to keep her tight grip on him no matter what. As he said those words, he removed his arm around her waist, which instantly made Valeree to keep her embrace tightly. Valeree had never experienced to hug someone before, even to her Auntie, but now she was crazily doing it with a stranger.
As soon that he gets his arms free, he stuck the two glowing objects to each other which results a blinding bright impact. Because of it, Valeree accidentally removed her arms around him. She was deprived by the bright light that comes from those objects on his hands which keep them on flying. She was about to fall, instead of fighting back, she just keep her eyes closed and waited for her death to strike her body. Yet, instead of a massive impact that she was expecting as her body was about to hit the ground, her body felt something eccentric, because instead of a solid ground her body felt a soft and fluffy unexplainable thing behind her that appears to keep her out of this disaster
She gradually opened her eyes, and there she saw the light, that blinded her down. The neon green light on his hands turned into a wild fury of red and they were enclosed into its ball-like aura of this light that seems to be the one who protect her from falling.
“You idiot, why did you let go?” The man said sarcastically to her, as he sat comfortably on the bubble like aura around them. Valeree didn’t reply, for she was surprised at the things that were happening around her.
“What was that?” She asked, not blinking and breathing heavily.
“Magic.” He grinned.



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