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The Mark of Elosh: Chapter 3

The Mark of Elosh

Ian Somerholder as Vincent Irmingard

Chapter Three: Witches of the Night

The eye sees what it brings the power to see. - Thomas Carlyle
At the heart of the castle, in the middle of the Night, a woman can be seen sitting down in her seat comfortably. Her table was filled with ancient books and an empty cauldron which seems to wait for her to pour it with her magic.
Indeed, she was one of the Eloshian's High Witches; they were named as the Keeper of the Night for they are the one who were responsible for the endless darkness within their Kingdom.
"Hmm... she's late." She muttered, as she closed the book she was reading. 
"Should I call her now, Graven?" She asked, transferring her gaze to her pure white cat that contrasts the aura of her room.
Her cat just gave her a single long sound of it "meow", signifying that she was not the only one who was getting bored right now. So the Witch stood up on her seat, exposing her glory in her tight red robe.
"Let's see, where is our Crown Princess hiding?" She said, as a grin forms slowly on her lips.
She closed her eyes and concentrated on the design of the mark of the Crown Princess. It was a circle mark, with an infinity symbol of a star at the middle and on the outside ring of it, a furious flame of fire were printed all over it. And the mark that she was thinking about glows a bright ruby red a sign of fear.
The witch immediately opens her eyes in frustration; the Crown Princess has never experienced fear at all, for they keep her with up most care. She immediately went out of her room, with a small fire on her palm that she casted from her spell, it serves as her torch on her way up to the room’s Princess. The Crown Princess was located at the highest peak of the tower, well-guarded with their magic and Knight.s
Panting, with this anxiety forming on her mind, she immediately opens the locked door of her Majesty.
"Omundra!" She yelled, and the huge lock and chains wrapped around this huge copper door were removed, by this green smoke that comes out of her spell.
She went inside, hoping that everything were fine. And there she saw, what she had just expected it to be. Their Princess was lying on her bed, snoring in her deep sleep.
The Witch moves closer towards her, and there she checked her mark on the lower right side of her abdomen. She pulled her shirt up and there she saw the calm light coming out of her mark. It was green, a sign of peace.
The Witch's eyes furrowed in confusion, never in her life she had experienced being confused when it comes to her spell of the "All Seeing Eye". Because she was one of the blessed Witches, who have an ability to locate and know the condition of the Marked Children, even those citizens of Elosh whom they mark with their magical ink Alloure. It was a rare magic and Witches blessed with it naturally, won't omit mistakes like what happened to her.
The mark she had seen before was in red fury. For the first time in eternity, can it be true? That, no one is exempted to the rule of perfection? That thought made her sick, it can't be. She will be the record breaker in their blood line, and the fact that she was running as the new Supreme Leader of their coven, this kind of errors must be hidden or more likely be eliminated.
She rubs her temple, as she thinks behind the possible reasons on her errors. She paced around the Princess' room back and forth, and there she noticed something unusual as she saw her shadow on the floor.
'The moon was so bright tonight.' She thought, while she watched her big shadow. With her raging curiosity, she immediately runs toward the balcony of the Princess' room. She shoves the red curtain that blocks the view of the balcony, and there she saw an unbelievable thing she hasn’t seen before.
"Lady Angreta! I have something to tell you!" A voice yelled behind her. Angreta, the High Witch didn't even seem to be interested on the report carried by her subordinate who seem to have a bad day based on her hair.
Although the Witch did not ask her to continue, the low breed Witch spoiled the news to her.
"There was an Exorcist! Casting a!-" But before she could even finish, Angreta casted a flare of spell towards the anxious girl. The spell made her collapsed or more likely dead.
“I didn’t allow you to talk.” She said on the dead Witch which is now fading into ashes
Angreta shove her majestic robe behind her, with a dark thought forming on her mind, she immediately runs out of the Princess' room. She knew the scarlet vision of the mark was. She didn't make a mistake like what she was thinking; instead she had discovered something that she could use against her enemies.
A knowledge that is worth fighting for.
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