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Wizard's Tale [English] - Chapter 1

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:Chapter 1:
(Alyanna Rohan)

This has been the moment I have long been waiting for in my entire life—to finally graduate in High School and to celebrate my beloved eighteenth birthday. There won’t be a fancy feast but still, I have an enormous and valid reason to cheer.

 “Congratulations graduates!” the speaker said. My fellow batchmates stood up and cheered.

I looked around and no one was cheering for me, unlike the others. I hope that my Mom and Dad were still alive so that they could see that their only daughter has finally finished High School. Then I looked at the clock, it was four o’clock—and it only meant that I had to go home.

No time for celebration. No time for goodbyes. I didn’t even wait for the picture-taking. I rushed outside but because of rushing, I bumped into someone familiar.

 “Sorry.” I didn’t mean to stare long then I realized that it was Prince Dustin Blake—the prince in the story of my dear life. “Oh-M-Gee. So—Sorry!”

He smiled at me, oh that killer smile! That smile made me felt as if I just died.

“It’s okay!” he said.

That was a rare moment! Sure, he was my schoolmate, classmate, and seatmate but I never dared talk to him, nor confess my feelings for him. Oh God why?

“Dustin!” a girl shouted.

“Elysse.” He said then they hugged. “Congratulations!” he added.

“Congratulations to you, too. There would be a party in my house and you’re invited!” she cheered, looking lovely as always.


If ever you’re going to ask who Elysse Fabel is, she is no other than the princess in my life story. Is she and Dustin dating? No one freaking knows!

I was just right there and yet they ignored me. Well, who am I to be noticed anyway? I had no reason to interfere them. Not now and not ever! They’re already perfect in any aspect of their lives and obviously, perfect for each other.

And so I decided to make my self dissapear in this scene because if I arrive late, that’ll be a big mess.

* * *

“Do you have any idea what time is it?” My Aunt Seline exclaimed. “Did you forget that you have your chores piled up in this house? Alyanna, just because you’ve graduated in High School doesn’t mean you can do anything you want in the world!” she added.

In every story there are villains and apparently, in this story, she’s one of the villians. She kept on blabbering as she dragged me to the kitchen. “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” I said.

“It really won’t happen again! Now cook!” Her shout made me think that my eardrums were going to stop working.

“Who do you think you are to go home this late?” said my cousin. “You truly are thick-faced. What do you think—I’m going to do those chores for you?” Anyway, she’s Cerina.  Just another villain.

So I just graduated, it was even my debut and yet there I was, serving for my Aunt and my cousin who took me in when I was orphaned. This fun! And note the sarcasm!

It was just fifteen minutes before midnight when I finished my chores, especially ordered by my aunt, whose hobby was probably to make my life a living hell. I got used to it anyway. There was nothing I could do, right? I mean, I owe them for letting me in this house and for feeding me. If it weren’t for them, I would probably be in the streets.

But just like what the others said, everything has an ending and the end on all these sufferings would be tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

The best thing I could think of now was to rest because tomorrow will be a special day for me.

* * *

It has finally come! The day that I have been waiting for.

It was five in the morning and the sun hasn’t risen yet but I woke up early for it was a special day. But when I came to open the door...

“What the—why is it so hard to open this thing?” I tried harder to open the door but it was as if something was blocking the door from the outside. I lowered myself and peeked at the bottom of the door—through the tiny space that made it possible for me to see that something was really blocking my door. For what I think, it was my evil cousin who did it. That little witch! “Let me out here, Cerina!” I exclaimed.

Whatever, don’t let me out and you’ll be the one to do all the chores.

I have been screaming and hitting the door but nothing happened. With all the noise that I have done, my Aunt was supposed to be awake now and went over here to scold me. Yet there was nothing.

Something wasn’t right. It was already approximately thirty minutes before eight o’clock. Usually at this time, if I haven’t started to do my chores, my face might have been scrubbed on the dirt. Or maybe having an unnecessary ice-cold bath from my Aunt. Still, nothing.

“Why the hell is it too quiet?” I kept my mouth shut and tried to listen for any sign of life in the house and then I realized that I was alone. I was completely alone in the house. “Where in the world is Auntie?”

* * *

My stomach was already growling. I got to admit that I was incredibly nervous about the weird happening. Did they leave me? But where would they go? And why did they even left me?

“I was supposed to be the one leaving them!”

I sat on the bed and clutched both hands and then I saw something weird.

“What are these ink on my fingers?” It was as if someone took my fingerprints without my knowledge. It took me a while to think through it and to calm down.

“No! No way!” I was shivering, nervous as I stared at my inked fingers. “My signature, they’ll need it. My fingerprints aren’t enough. They’ll need my signature!”

I tried to convince myself but there was only one way to make sure of it. I needed to get out of this room and the only way to get out of it was to jump out of the window.

I started knotting any thing I could use to go down from the third floor, where I was. Then I looked down and saw where I would possibly fall. “You can do this Yana. You can do this.” I told myself.

Even though my personalized rope wasn’t enough, I still tried to go down. When I was almost at the end of the thing, I gathered up enough courage to jump.

 “Oww!” I fell on the plant box. There were a few scratches but other than that, I was fine. I tried to stand up and I was completely fine.

“Thank goodness!” I couldn’t be more happier to know I was fine.

Sure, I was alive and I survived that death-jump but then I focused on what I was supposed to be doing first. I entered the house and I was shocked to see...

“Nothing?” I ran to my Aunt’s room and then to my cousin’s.

“Where in the world are they?”

Their things were nowhere to be seen—clothes and all!

“They left me?” I exclaimed.

Fine, that’s better.

But I fell to my knees, thinking that maybe my money, that was stored in the bank, was with them. The money from my deceased parents that I was meant to claim once I was in my legal age, which was eighteen.

I can’t help it but cry. I ran outside. I haven’t eaten yet and I haven’t changed my clothes. I ran how many kilometers, barefoot, to that bank where I could get what’s supposed to be mine.

And when I arrived there, I approached an accountant and asked about the money.

“Sorry ma’am but the account’s already closed. We opened it a while ago and somebody claimed all of the money and the assets included in the account.”

“How’s that possible?” Slowly, I felt how tired I was from the running I did. My lungs were shrinking and it was begging for oxygen. It was as if I was having an asthma attack.

“They submitted a written document saying that Miss Alyanna Rohan wanted to transfer all her properties to her respectful relative, Mrs. Seline Rohan. It was written that Mrs. Seline Rohan was your auntie based on the paper she signed.”

I closed my eyes. The anger in me was building up quickly. All my dreams faded in that instant.

By the way, my name is Alyanna Rohan, and I am the lead character of this messed-up story, that’s probably going nowhere.

End of Chapter 1
Translated by: WisdomDeath


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