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Wizard's Tale [English] - Chapter 2

:Chapter 2:
(Alyanna Rohan)

I was crying the whole time I went back home. “What am I going to do now?” I’m hopeless! I have no money—and my dream of entering college will forever be just a dream!

When I reached home, pain and hunger started to creep inside me. “At least I still got a home.” I needed to think and to make a plan. I can’t let this get through me!

The only things left for me were those things from my room, and the table and chairs that were used to block my door, and so to trap me inside like a prisoner that I really was.

I lifted everything then brought them downstairs and left the little clothes for myself. “If I sell all of these, I can use the money to find myself a job.” Though at the back of my mind, I wanted to hunt those monstrous relatives of mine, and I will take back what was rightfully mine.

“Oh dear!” The landlady appeared and she looked devastated to see that there was nothing left in our house. “Where are your things? Where did your Aunt go?”

Now that she was here, I was having a bad feeling. “They left.” I said.

“What the hell? Your Aunt owes me big time! She borrowed money from me for your food, water and what’s not, and she even used the house for collateral! For three months she hasn’t paid me! And now what, you’re going to run away from me too?” her voice was booming in my eardrums and it added more bad feeling in my nerves.

It felt like I was carrying heavy bricks on my back. If my Aunt did really borrowed that amount of money, who was going to pay for it? “Somebody has to pay for it!” And from the sound of it, that somebody was me.

And there I thought that my eyes were going to be dry after my crying session but tears started to fall on my cheeks again. “I don’t know how I’m going to pay you.” I said. I dropped down to my knees and begged, “Even I didn’t know how to survive on my own now. Please give some time to find them,” I paused, “and I’ll find a way to give you back your money.” I added.

“Alyanna,” She said while looking at the few things left in this house. “Even those things are not enough to pay me! Oh God! You’re giving me headache!”

I tried to help her but, “You’re Aunt is gone and now I had to do damage control. You better pay me now!”

“But I don’t have a single penny in me—I’m broke!” I even feared that my voice was going to break but I managed to sound strong.

“If you don’t pay me now, I’ll make sure I’ll see you in jail!” Fear started to creep in my nerves.

“I’m going to give you back the money. Just give me more time.” I said as I slowly stepped back, farther from her. I knew she will never listen to me. I knew she would rather see me locked up in jail than wait for a slow payment.

And I quickly went off. “Alyanna! I’m going to sue you!” And with nothing else with me, I ran away as fast as I could.

* * *

My lungs started to beg for oxygen. I didn’t know where I was that moment. I got matching wounds in my feet and bruises on my knees from tripping most of the time. I was completely weak and my tear ducts were not helping because I wasn’t able to stop myself from crying.

“Mom… Dad…” Help me please. It was dark and I wasn’t thinking straight anymore. Yesterday, I thought I’ll be the happiest person now—now that I can finally claim the money from my parents.

My dreams were all gone! My dream life and happiness, all gone! I don’t know where to start now! I don’t even know if I can get myself a job.

Then it started raining and then it poured. I looked up and I wasn’t able to see stars—the way I can no longer see hope. Even the skies are giving me trouble! I was shivering and wet from the rain.

As I was dragging myself, I found myself in a bridge. “This is it? Will this be the end of all my sufferings?” I was crying but you can barely see my tears because of the raindrops pouring against my face.

“Mom, Dad, I can no longer take this. I miss you so much, and I’ve had enough.” I closed my eyes and heaved a deep breath. I’m so done at this stage of my life!

I can feel the end was coming near as I was ready to jump off of the bridge. My only prayer was that wherever I may go after it, I hope they would allow me to see my parents for the last time.

“Hey!” Someone came out of nowhere and prevented me from jumping. “Hey kid! Are you trying to kill yourself?”

“Yes, I’m trying to kill myself! Isn’t that obvious? So will you please back off and leave me alone!” I was about to jump again but he was able to stop me once more. For his age, he sure was strong!

“Stupid child! Did you know how deep that lake is?”

“And that’s why I chose to jump right there!” I rolled my eyes at his stupid question.
I screamed at him then he slapped me on the face. “Pay respect! I am older than you!” Then he beat me up using his dilapidated umbrella. “Does this hurt? Huh?” And he hit me harder and harder. “There! Or do I still need to bang your head on that wall!”

I didn’t know him and I don’t know why he had to meddle in my suicide attempt. However, there was a sense of concern that was peeking out of his anger.

We settled down on a spot where the rain wasn’t pouring down on us. “Who told you that you’re allowed to take your own life? You have no right!”

“I’m just returning the life that was lent to me.” Then I felt his hard knuckle on my head.

“Do not mock me, young lady! No matter how big your problems are, you can’t just throw away your life that easily!” He said. “Look at me. I’m an old man living alone in these busy streets, yet I’m enjoying my life!”

“How can I be like you? How can I enjoy life with all these problems! My parents died and my relatives enslaved me! I took all of this mess ‘cause I know I will be able to make my way through soon.” I said.

“Now they even took my money at the bank and then ran away! I cannot continue my studies anymore and to make things worse, they left me with a debt problem and the police might be searching for me now.” I said feeling sorry for myself as I covered my face.

“Tell me how will I live through this? I have nothing left and I don’t know where to start. I want to find a job but who in this world will hire someone like me! Soon I’ll be dead as a doornail!” I exclaimed.

I heard the old man sighed heavily as he listened to my bitter life story. “You kids nowadays are driving me crazy! It’s just a simple problem and you lost hope that easily!” I know he’s old and might have experienced worst cases other than my problem that was why he was thinking that my reasons were lame, but he can’t blame me.

Instead of saying anything, he took something out of his pocket and gave me a white handkerchief. I wanted to ask him how in the world did he manage to keep a clean and dry handkerchief but I rather not.

Then, he also handed me a piece of paper. “Here, take this.”

I opened it and found a person’s name and address written on it. “Brylle Zaffiro? Who is he?”

“The question is do you know how to get to that place?”

“Well yeah, I’ve heard about that place before. But what am I supposed to do there?”

“You want a job, right? Then go there.” And just like that, he tried to go off but there was so much I wanted to ask about him and this job offer.

“This is job offer? This person can hire me? But what kind of job can he give? And how did you know this man’s looking for someone—”

“You got so many questions! Just go there!” He said and he was hasty to leave but I went after him.

“Wait! You haven’t told me your name yet!” And I still got his hanky.

 But when he turned to face me again, a sudden bolt of lightning appeared and a loud thunder followed. I was so scared I quickly squeezed my eyes shut but what shocked me was that the old man was gone once I opened my eyes. He was gone for like what? Less than five seconds!

“Where did he go? Old man?” I tried looking for him but he’s nowhere to be found. Then I glanced back at the piece of paper that he gave me. “Brylle Zaffiro.” Who is he? And can he really help me?

End of Chapter 2
Translated by: AegyoDayDreamer  |  Edited by: WisdomDeath


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