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Wizard's Tale [English] - Chapter 3

:Chapter 3:
(Alyanna Rohan)

No matter how weird that old man appeared to be, I got no choice but to follow him. I went to look for Brylle Zaffiro,” and there I was standing in front of his house. “I guess this is the place.” I muttered.

It was a huge house, no, it was a mansion but it seemed like no one was living there for ages. The paint was already wearing off. The plants that were supposed to make the place look alive and safe were withered.  “I can’t be wrong. This is the address!” That old man should better not be joking!

“Hello! Anybody home?” When I was about to knock the door suddenly opened by itself. Dang! That was creepy! I was hesitant at first but went in anyway. “Is there anybody home?” I asked once again.

No one answered. Obviously, no one wanted to live in a place that was enormous yet creepy. Then out of the blue, a loud bang filled the still, chilly air.

“Holy crispy crap!” The door suddenly closed by itself—again! And now it won’t open! “Calm down Yana. Ghosts and haunted houses are only for children.” The whole place was dark and creepy! There were cobwebs everywhere. Probably, every hair on my skin was already standing up. “That old man! He tricked me!”

I was panicking like hell, so desperate to get out of that house but there was a thunderous, rough voice that echoed from nowhere. Wow, his choice of words was deep! He asked me who gave me permission to enter that place. Well, he sounded so mad but in my defense, I didn’t want to be in that place in the first place.

“An old man told me to come here! I’m looking for a man named Brylle Zaffiro.” But it was like talking to thin air. I didn’t know where and who I was talking to.

Moments later, I heard another distinct voice. Only that time it wasn’t as deep as the first voice and I supposed they were trying to talk to each other in whispers but failed because I could hear it perfectly as if they were shouting beside me.

“Do you think she’s referring to Master Lorcan?”

“I guess. She said it was an old man!”

“What are we going to do?”

“Life contract, Master!”

“Hmm—you’re right.”

I stepped backwards. Who was Master Lorcan? And what was the life contract they were just talking about? I was really having a bad feeling about it. “I think I got the wrong place! I’m leaving—” I tried opening the door once more but it won’t budge!

“Wait!” I turned my back on them and didn’t dare to look at that person talking to me. I heard footsteps coming near. “What is your name?”

I swallowed nothing and I didn’t want to look at them. The second voice sounded quite fascinating to my ears, but fear lingered on me. “A—Ana.” I answered. There was no way I’m going to tell him my real name.

“Ana, I know you’re lying.” How did he know? I was starting to hear annoyance through his voice. “I want your real name.”

“Let me go! Please! I don’t know and didn’t see anything!”

“You knew that a certain Brylle Zaffiro lives here.” It felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest any moment now. Don’t tell me he’s a murderer living in this haunted mansion! “This will be the last time, tell me your real name.”


“Ana—” he paused and then laughed. “You are making me angry.”

I didn’t know what was happening but it felt like my whole body just froze. Was it because of fear? No, I didn’t think so. I just couldn’t move! I can’t move any single part of my body including my fingers! Then slowly, I turned around to see that person behind me. What’s weird though was that I’m not the one who did that for my body.

And it felt like someone else was controlling my whole body! I was so terrified I couldn’t think of anything I could do but to squeeze my eyes shut. “Open your eyes. Don’t make me angry.”

No! There was no freaking way that I was going to look at him! I was afraid of what I might see. I was just praying in my mind—praying to all the forces that could save me from such situation. Then I felt his hands took something out from my pocket. “If I’m not mistaken, this is from Master Lorcan. Am I right Vander?” Was he talking about that old man’s handkerchief?

 “Yes indeed, Master!”

“So this girl is chosen by my master. Open your eyes and look at me! And don’t make me ask again.”

I bit my lower lip with confusion but if I let my fear eat me, I won’t be able to know what was really going on. Slightly braver now, I slowly opened my eyes—and found a person who I think was the same age as mine.

He was tall with fair skin, his lips were stunning, his style was unusual, he got piercing on his right ear and I can’t explicate the color of his eyes. It was hypnotizing to look at—at his handsome face.

And not that I went speechless by his good looks but it’s just that I can’t move my body and I can’t speak! It was only my eyes that were free to move.

He waved his hand and amazingly, I was able to open my mouth. And here I thought I will never be able to open my own mouth anymore. “Speak.” I didn’t know how, but I was sure that that man was the one doing all those weird things to me. “Speak up your name. And I’m warning you, I want your real name.”

“My name is Alyanna. Alyanna Rohan.”

His lips suddenly curled to a smirk. “What are you? What are you doing to me? Why can’t I move? How are you doing this? Please let me go—I’ll forget everything I saw! He made another flick with his hand and my mouth involuntarily shut close again. “Hmm?” Now I can’t talk!

“Vander, prepare the contract and the circle.” He said to his companion.

“Yes Master!”

O Mother of Pearl! Vander—the one with the huge voice, finally appeared! But his voice changed into a small, shrilly sound because he’s a—um… he’s adwarf? An elf? Oh geez, never mind! Vander was definitely NOT human!

And if I was just dreaming, somebody please wake me up! I didn’t know how it was possible but waking up to see my Aunt who I dread to see sounded to be much better than that weird events in that mansion.

And what scared me the most was that I was floating in the air, following them. Were they going to eat me? Who was that guy anyway? Vander was most certainly not human! Why was he calling him his Master? Who was Brylle Zaffiro? What was going on? I was extremely clueless.

He took out something from his coat and I was so shocked to see for what it seems to be a very long baton! How did that thing fit in his coat? Were they magicians? Why were they like that? What was really happening? I couldn’t stop asking myself. I had no idea what was going on.

We faced the wall, and the guy did a swishing and couple of taps using his baton and amazingly, a portal appeared! My eyes almost popped out! That was impossible! Dream! That was just a dream!

You’re just dreaming Yana!

We entered a dark empty roomand no one will think that this was still a part of the house. The place was so large! And then, the portal closed and the next thing I knew was I was trapped with those two strangers.

“Alyanna Rohan,” the guy said and he went close to me. What was he going to do? “Dispel!” he said as he tapped my nose and suddenly, I was able to move freely again!

I fell to the floor and I started screaming at the top of my lungs! “Oh God! Somebody please help me!”

“If you don’t want me to freeze you again, then keep quiet!”

“Who are you? What are you? You’re a demon!” I paused and looked at the creature named Vander. “D—dwarf!” I ran away and looked for an exit but it was nowhere to be found, or maybe there was no exit in this place. I can only see a pure wall.

I tripped but I didn’t fell flat on the floor. I just floated again and the person behind that supernatural happening was no other than that guy again! “Are you using telekinesis?” Yeah! That could be possible! Maybe he was a mutant. You know, like the people from X-Men.

“How I wish I had telekinesis! Haha!” I floated again, coming near to the guy. “Calm down, okay? You’re here for the job!”

“What job? What are you guys really?”

“You’ll work for me as a helper and housekeeper of this mansion! Twenty-five thousand a month, free food and lodging area.” He said and was I supposed to believe that?

“No, I don’t believe you! You—you’re not human! You’re demonic! How are you doing all of that! Both of you are not human!”

“We’re demonic? And you think we needed a virgin to be sacrificed?” He knew I was a virgin!

“Just please let me go! I swear I am not going to tell to anyone about your secret! Please I’m begging you—”

“If you don’t want the job I’m offering, we will have to kill you.” Kill me? I knew they were serial killers too! “We don’t trust mortals like you! You’ve seen a lot already. And besides, you are the person brought here by Master Lorcan. You’re left with no choice but to sign the contract and work for me or else, we will have to—you know—get rid of you.”

 I was so scared I fell on my knees. “Please tell me, what are you really?” Because if they really were bad people, there was no way in hell was I going to join them.

“Vander is a gnome, my spiritual helper. And I’m Brylle Zaffiro, a Wizard.” Did I hear him right? –a gnome and a wizard? I pinched myself to see if I wasn’t dreaming—and it hurt! So that was real? “We’re neither good nor bad. Have I made myself clear now?”

“Master, the contract is ready!” Vander handed him a piece of paper and Brylle read it. Then, it flew towards me so I can read it as well. However, I did not understand a single word written on it! Like seriously?

I was already shivering from the insides. I’m so confused right now!

“That’s a life contract. If you sign it, it means you’re accepting my job offer.” He looked straight into my eyes while explaining everything to me. “But if you don’t, I’m afraid that we should kill you.”

End of Chapter 3

Translated by: AegyoDayDreamer  |  Edited by: WisdomDeath


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