Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wizard's Tale [English] - Prologue

We begin at the East, by the power of Air

He whispered some words, he saved my soul

Round and round, he bound me one night

He offered new life, another breath of light.

We meet at the South, by the power of Fire

He gave me warmth, he marked my past

Cast out all darkness, my mind and body at rest

All harm that’s near, he surrounds with no fear.

We turned to the West, by the power of Water

His power flow strong, purified my pain and sorrow

With the tides and waves, he followed my path

He held to his pledge, and vowed with dear and joy.

We ended at the North, by the power of Earth

A tie was made, with perfect love and perfect trust

Within all elements, he answered fast and true

By the wheel of time, he became my heart’s desire.

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  1. ((Ang ganda talaga ng Wizard's Tale))


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