Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Memories flood through my mind
As I think of you my love.
You were the greatest thing
That’s happened in my life.

We’ve shared memories
In a span of 4 years and 4 months.
You were there when I was hurt,
But remembering now that you were gone,
It makes my heart break into million pieces,
Not being able to pick ‘em up
Because I was too devastated.

It has been a year now, since you left.
Here I am, thinking of you while I cry,
Listening to your jolly voice through my mind,
I’m missing you every single day of my life,
Clearly not being able to hug you,
Because you are there up in the sky,
Still loving me with all that you are.

Baby, I’m offering this poem to you.
It may not be the sweetest thing on earth,
But here I am sitting in front of my computer,
Crying while typing what my heart feels at the moment,
I wish you miss me too, because I do, so much.
You will always be my baby, molded in a dog named Lucky.

A/N: Dedicated po sa kanya yung poem ko. Hehe, obviously. :) Anyway, this is my entry for the second DDH Challenge. Please leave a comment below. :) Thank you.


  1. Naiyak din naman ako!!!! Naalala ko na naman si bebe Cotton "tonton' Candy ko!!! </3

  2. Bakit ba puro aso? (╥﹏╥) Naalala ko na naman yung mga aso ko! huhuhu Magsusulat din ako nang tungkol sa mga alaga kong aso noon.

  3. Aww!!! Kapag ang tula ay tungkol sa pet, wala na. Masakit talaga!!! Ayokong mawala si Cola ko pero alam ko na ang lifespan lang talaga ng mga aso ay maikli. :(


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