Wednesday, April 22, 2015


A bottle of vodka in hand,
Sitting on the bedroom floor and
Staring at the space before me,
Thankful that they're letting me be.

The silence was somehow calming,
My bottle almost has nothing
And all I want is to forget
But I'm not ready for that yet. 

So I grab the bottle of rum,
Too desperate to feel so numb,
I could hear the sound of the rain
Hoping that it would keep me sane. 

It's like the room started to spin
As I gripped the bottle of gin, 
And I might be losing my mind
From all that I can't leave behind. 

I pull out my bottle of pills
There's something inside me that kills,
Nothing a little dose can't fix
Place it between my cracking lips. 

I look around and it all blurs,
Nobody knows nobody cares
So I lay on the floor's coldness,
Let myself be wrapped in darkness.


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