Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Expectations [One-shot]

It was almost twelve midnight and he still hasn’t replied. He said “BRB” three hours ago. Well, why was I even hoping? Whenever he says “BRB” he never returns.
            I sighed to myself then logged off of Facebook.
            As I tried to sleep, I wondered if he would even reply to me. I was aware that I knew him for just a few months and we were still in the get-to-know-each-other stage. I didn’t get to play it cool anymore. I just fell so hard when I wasn’t even sure if he felt the same.
SAM: hey. i’m sorry if i haven’t talked to you lately. i was busy with a few personal things.
ROXANNE: It’s okay. I became busy too.
            Of course that was a lie. I was bored as hell that watched six movies.
            We talked about random things like we used to do until he spilled something.
SAM: i hope you won’t think i’m weird or a creep but i really like you.
            I wanted to squeal but my sister was sleeping across the room. I stared at his message then mentally squealed. It wasn’t enough though, but I had to reply immediately or else he might think I didn’t feel the same way.
ROXANNE: Oh wow. ^_^ I really like you too.
            I actually thought that after our little confession, change would follow. I was so wrong. We started talking less. Most of the time, I had to be the one to start the conversation or there wouldn’t be one. It went on for a month and a half that I eventually got tired.
            I decided to stop starting the conversation. I would let him exert the effort. I wanted to check if he would initiate the conversation.
            Three weeks passed and I got nothing, not even a simple hello. I shook my head as I stared at our last conversation.
            For three weeks, I waited for something that would never happen. 


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