Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Wizard's Tale : Prologue


Once upon a time, there was a stranger.
A mortal girl whose dream is to become a writer.
During her lowest time, an old man gave her the answer.
To a quest so supreme, she started a new chapter.

Then she met a Wizard from the Class B+
The most unlikely guy whom she granted her trust.
The two were a mess, maybe the craziest.
But together in distress, they're no doubt the best.

Up above a foreign spiralling rainbow sky
Across the mystic land they walked and passed by.
There were monsters, ogres, dark creatures on spy.
But never say die until they reached so high.

Yet even if they went a very long way,
They knew the story has to end one day.
From each other, they must go away.
In the Otherworld, the mortal can no longer stay.

And like a painful goodbye of the sun setting,
Slowly all their memories, cursed into nothing.
Will their love story become a forgotten feeling?
Or will they make it a beginning of never-ending?


  1. wow!!! a very interesting prologue!!!

  2. astig tlaga gumawa c ms.aegyo


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