Thursday, November 14, 2013

RED [One-Shot]

Written by: WisdomDeath

Dream Journal Entry
Date: November 14, 2013
Time I woke up: 9:41 AM

It all started in my cousin’s house. It looked like we just had one of our sleepovers.
There was this red-haired guy. His curly hair was wild and I actually found it cute. He was smiling at me.
My cousins, red-haired guy (whom I will call “Red”), and I were formed in a circle, talking about some stuff. (I couldn’t remember what it was.) In one meeting, Carlo had a burst out and was on HULK mode and no one liked it. So when he left, one of my cousins told us to hide.
I hid in the bathroom but it wasn’t that long before I had company—Red. He smiled at me again. My heart was thumping. I had no idea why. After a while, I heard one of them calling us out. Before leaving the bathroom, I kissed Red on the lips.
I headed out and fooled around with my cousins. Fun.
The scene shifted.
We were at SM Megamall. I was with my parents and cousins. Red was there, too. He smiled at me but I looked away. I just felt like whatever was going on between us was wrong. It was like a joke. Like he was fooling me.
In a while, my parents told me that it was time to leve. I bid my goodbyes to my cousins. When I looked behind them, expecting to see Red, he wasn’t there.
I didn’t know what drove me to do the next things.
“Wait.” I told my parents before I ran off. I was like one of those characters in Action movies—the ones who are chasing someone. I ran like them. I was looking for someone—Red. After what felt like hours of running, I decided to go back to my parents only to find them annoyed.
When I looked behind them, I saw a brown-haired Red. I smiled, happy to see that face.
“Oh. So you were looking for him.” My Dad sais before giving me a teasing smile.
I hugged Red, or Brown, and he hugged me back. I didn’t know how to properly react.
“Join us then.” My Mom said. Red was shocked but he nodded.
We walked over to the car with his arms wrapped around me. We looked at the car and saw how little the space was for the two of us at the back seat.
“Knee to chest is fine?” I asked him. He nodded.
He sat first, forcing to scoot a little to give me space to sit. I followed and pulled the door shut. I folded my legs and rested it on his lap so that he could stretch his legs.
I woke up. I touched my lips and just blushed. 

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