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Ethanica - The Sacred Key Within : Introduction


On a forgotten page of eternity,
There lies a land embraced by mighty gods.
Salvation of the world that humans seek,
Earnest of the light is at its peak.

Sorrow shall it cast,
The tears of the morning light.
Darkness fills the world,
Oh dear Ethanica, keep their soul.

The mighty power shall wake,
For under the veil of a crimson shadow,
The heart of the world will break.

Salva vos..(Wake up..)
Eden Geist seshar, lesporti yir set (Mighty Eden Geist, protect them all)

As fates cross, swords will clash
It is the Age myths become reality,
As the One will achieve her duty.

In tenebris somniat vas cristallum
(A meeting predestined by the divine)
Heed vocanti vas dormienti
(Eyes that see the sleeping soul)
De armilla incendiis interitum surgit cristallum incipiens.

(It is when the sacred key will unleash its divine power.)

Thousand years ago, in the land of Ethanica, there was a legend of the two spirits; Shiya of Light and Shira of Dark. The twin spirits created the world together and everything was perfect as all creatures lived together in harmony. To maintain the peace and calmness of the land, they made the Sacred Circle from gold and silvers -- stopping any evil deeds of different creatures.

 But then a mortal from a strange world had accidently came and ruined everything. Having a mortal nature, his ignorance and selfishness engulfed his morality. He was blinded by the gold and silvers in front of him. Not knowing what they were for, he took it all by himself, causing the Sacred Circle to be destroyed. When Shira of Dark found about it, she exploded in anger and hatred. She found the mortal and tried to kill him, but failed because Shiya of Light protected him. Knowing the fact that Shinya adored the mortals from the other world despite of what he had done, made Shira to despise her.

Hate. The evil darkness in her was boiling. She hated the mortals from another world. She hated the Light and their followers. She hated Shiya and everything that she loved. Shira gathered all her clans and followers. They massacred hundreds of towns without any pity until they became blood-thirsty. They declared a war against the Light and that was when the Ethanica's Great War had happened.

 The Light had found a way to seal off the power of the Dark. Losing the war and with Shira gone, all the dark clans left the mainlands. No one knew where they went, but the people of Ethanica knew that they were still living somewhere. They never knew when the Dark were to come back and seek revenge, but the Light spirit foresaw that they would eventually. She knew that the seal wouldn't last long and that was when she decided to sacrifice herself to successfully write the prophecy to warn the future, and create the key to eternally seal the Dark. Since then, Shiya disappeared leaving the prophecy and the sacred key in the hands of the people of Ethanica.


Ayan Mountain near the village of Monteri.
Eleven Years Ago

"Are you sure about this?"  The woman with a long blue cloak asks the warrior in front of her whose sword is dripping with blood.

The warrior nods his head, not leaving his sight from the child who is lying unconscious in front of him. "My Lord and his wife have decided that this is the only way to protect their youngest child. The Adoyans are out of control and the village is in chaos right now. They do not want her to lose her young life in this battle."

"What about their older sons?"

"The emperor of Cyril, a good friend of my Lord is now taking care of them. It is hard for them to make this decision, but they don't want their daughter to live in this kind of life. They want her to live a normal life. The reason the Adoyans are here is because they have found out about the sacred key. We can help you with that Queen Mother."

"They are coming!" A man with heavy metalled armour shouts.

"Please." The warrior pleads. "Our Lord is now fighting them. I have to come back and help my tribe!"

Queen Mother opens her right hand, revealing a necklace with a pinkish stone pendant in the middle of the two moons. "This is the sacred key." She says, putting it on around the small neck of the child.

"The key?" The warrior looks at her in confusion.

She nods. "Its temporary form. I will grant your request and save this child's life from this chaos and in return, the key will be temporarily hidden from the people who want it until the prophecy itself takes place. I will now send her in a safer place -- in another world called Earth. I can’t guarantee her safety forever, but as long as she has this necklace, she will be keep out of harm."

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