Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love Moves in Mysterious Ways

Title:    Love Moves in Mysterious Ways
Author:      Shinaya_Waara
Status:      COMPLETED!
Genre(s):   Comedy, Drama, Romance
Type:        Tagalog-English Fictional Story

Kai, a guy who doesn't believe in love
Sassy, a girl who doesn't have time to fall in love
Can Love works between the two of them?

Main Characters:
Samantha "Sassy" Pineda - writter/blogger, breadwinner of the family.
Kaizer "Kai" Montano - happy go lucky young billionaire

Other Characters:
Nigel - Kai's bestfriend
Mae - Sassy's bestfriend and Kai's younger sister
Luke & Bryan - Kai's friends
Shino - Sassy's younger brother
Stephi - Kai's childhood friend 
Jhonah - Sassy's cousin and owner of JL's
Lain - Jhonah's co-owner of JL's


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