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Love Haters : Characters

Love Haters : Characters

Shiwal Nakirara
  • Hate Boys. Hate Girls. Hate Cats. Hate Dogs. She is Shiwal Nakirara, she hates everything. She also hate LOVE.
  • She's known as a 'SCARY QUEEN' in their school.
  • Hates the '4 HOT MEN'.
  • Like to watch horror movie.
Kyo Takishima
  • He's part of the group called the, '4 HOT MEN'. Well, he doesn't know about that because his 'Fans', was the culprit about the '4 HOT MEN'.
  • Also hate Love, but when he met Shiwal, everything turns upside down. Joke. Well, he just find her interesting because of all the girls he met, Shiwal was the only girl who ignore him.
  •  Kyo starts to know more about Shiwal.  And because of his 'OBSESSION' to know more about her, he went to Shiwal's Aunty's house and ask her to stay there for a while. Shiwal's aunty find it 'COOL' that she  immediately accept it but, she has one condition. Make her fall in love with him.
Eung Yamada
  • Like Kyo, he's also a part of '4 HOT MEN' and he also doesn't know about this. Eung was a bookworm and have a crush on Seika, the popular girl in the school, who definitely has a crush on him too. But Eung ONLY have a crush on Seika, A girl already stole his heart, and that is Shiwal.
  • When it came about Love, he's serious and no one can stop him.
Jeom Yamashida
  • Of all the '4 HOT MEN', Jeom is the poorest of all. Besides of being a poor, he has a clean heart and even if he's sad, He manage to smile. Shiwal admire him for having such an attitude. BUT!!! Take note, Shiwal just admire him because of his attitude and not because he's handsome or what! Shiwal just admire him and not LIKE him nor LOVE him.
  • Jeom is a perfect guy every girl wish for. 

Jack Kudai
(A/N: Well, napansin nyong naging red ang buhok ni Lee Min Ho? Inedit ko lang po sa Photoshop CS5 yan.)

  • Jack Kudai, is a cassanova. He's a happy go lucky guy and his motto is 'Girls are just for fun. Don't take them seriously.' Well, everything change when he met Shiwal. His motto now is, 'Girls have feelings too. Don't play with them.'


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