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Huntress: Chapter 6

Huntress: Chapter 6

”Arranged Engagement”

[Room 504/ Philosophy Class 1pm]
I was late on my first class period. Reasons? Well, dumaan kasi ako sa shop ng mga superbikes. Nagpa-enhance kasi ako ng pinakamamahal kong si ‘’Cattie’’ my black Ducati 848 EVO, so mas lightweight na siya at malakas ang power from the Testastretta engine and mas malakas na ang braking power from Brembo’s incredible Monobloc brake technology.
Since ‘’EVO’’ ang treatment, 6hp power boost to 140hp (103kW) and a torque increase to 72.3lb-ft (98Nm) kaya astig ng power delivery ! Pinacombine ko pa ng (168kg) chassis set-up and planet-stopping Brembo Monobloc brakes, lupet ng braking performance ko kanina!
Anyway, I would rather spend the whole time talking about superbikes rather than counting sh*thole hours in Philosphy class na’to.
I was 5 minutes late! Andami kasing pasikot sikot ng building and I should have walked 5 staircases up. Malaki yung room namin, it’s a cinema type, fully-airconditioned and may 72inch flatscreen LCD.
I was in few steps reaching the door. I knocked and entered the room.
‘’I’m sorry professor, I ‘m late.’’ I apologized while closing the door.


But she’s not Ms.Valencia in the front teaching. He’s a tall man wearing navy blue long-sleeves with a black necktie, black slacks and leather black shoes. He’s somewhat an office-type model with eyeglasses that compliment his aura. And no wonder, those bitch classmates eyeing to that man in front.
All eyes on me. My freakin classmates.
‘’You?’’ I asked.
‘’He’s our new instructor, Nana.’’ Said Stacey my classmate.
‘’Yes, I am your new Philosophy instructor.’’Khalil looking at me.
I was stunned. Yung lalakeng kinaiinisan ko na sinagot sagot ng hindi maganda sa veranda last night ay isang instructor sa subject na pinapasukan ko???
‘’O-Okay.... sir’’ I said. The skunk who I annoyed last night!
‘’Anyway, I’m Khalil Vargas, AMP Graduate major in Philosophy and currently taking my masters in ClU.’’ He said. Like I care? B@stard. I went on my seat. That b@stard is our instructor? Like hell.
Ngayon lang naging mas maganda ang atmosphere sa philosophy class. Mas lively at walang antok-antok lalo na yung mga babae kong classmates. The b*tches.
‘’My God, I never liked philosophy not until Mr. Vargas took it over.’’ Girl with long danglings whispered.
‘’He was like at our age, may girlfriend na kaya siya? Kyaaahh..’’ Sophisticated girl whispered.
Those sluts. He has already introduced himself to the class and discussing the left lessons of Ms. Valencia. Did she resign? Wala man lang notice saming students.
Oh I remembered the other day, Khalil bumped into us at the cafeteria ng naka-formal attire and carrying an attaché case. Why Wynwyn doesn’t even know about it na magiging instructor ko pa tong lalakeng to. I was even more rude girl talking to him the last night at the veranda. The fvck!
He began recalling the lessons. He started illustrating and writing on the white board. He has this attention to catch students.
‘’On th existentialist period. Existence is undeniably the theme of the philosophical enterprise of the existentialist philosophers the human person as the subjects. Existentialist philosophers focused on their attention on the--’’Khalil.
I placed my hands under my chin. Tama nga si ate Chanel, he has his wisdom whom girls to fall in. His husky voice na ma-e-entice kang makinig ka sa kanya. The way of his hand gestures and words that comes out from him. No wonder, Chanel was madly in love of Khalil.
But I don’t like you, bastard! I’m sleepy.
‘’....especially Soren Kiergaard and Gabriel Marcel. A thesis on the philosophy of Max Scheler..’’
My eyes keep closing. Sarap nyang pagtestingan ng Ducati ko. Psh. Damn! I should have ditched this class! Someone poked me. Si Kaiser.
‘’Nana, ano, napa-enhance mo na ba yung Ducati mo?’’ Whispered Kaiser. Nilingon ko sya sa kanan ko. Nawala antok ko.
‘’Oo kanina, malakas na braking performance.’’ I whispered.
‘’Sang shop ba yan, pa enhance ko na rin yung saken.’’Kaiser
‘’Beneath Robinson, near Dencio’s Grill, tas liko ka lang dun .’’I whispered. Psh.. kalalaking tao, mas updated pa bigbike ko sa kanila.
‘’Ms. Nana.’’Khalil called me. I was not listening on his freakin discussion. Nagulat pako. I was hella stunned when he called me.
‘’What?’’ I stood up. Napatingin lahat sakin. May mali ba?
‘’ My God, bat ganyan si Nana sumagot?’’ girl whispered .
‘’Ahm.. I mean what is it Sir Vargas?’’ i said. Instructor nga pala kaharap ko and not a b@stard man of the dorm.
‘’Would you share your ideas on John Stuart Mill’s philosophy that ‘It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than to be a pig satisfied.’ ? ’’ Khalil asked.
The Fvck! Napansin nya sigurong nagmomotorbike talks kami ni Kaiser.
‘’Ahm.. J-john Stuart Mill is.. in - the - era - of - Modern/Anthropocentric, right?’’I said.
‘’I’m not asking whether what era is that philosopher.’’ Khalil with a warned tone. He shrugged his arms.
‘’Now you’re using your profession to retaliate me, b@stard.’’ I whispered.
‘’Come again..’’Khalil said.
My concept about John Stuart Mill’s quotation that ‘It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than to be a pig satisfied’ is not any pleasure or kind of pleasure should be embraced. There are some kinds of pleasures which are desirable and valuable than others.Kasi hindi lang QUANTITY ang dapat i-consider but also QUALITY. Man cannot just grab any kind of pleasure lest his dignity is at stake. What’s for being satisfied kung hinayaan mong i-degrade pagkatao mo? Am i right, INSTRUCTOR VARGAS ?? ’’ I said. I went on my seat. Natulala sila.  *clap* *clap*
‘’Is that all as simple you can share?’’Khalil. Hindi ako natuloy sa pag-upo. Dammit!! You’re gettin on my nerves!
‘’Also,this principle holds that the actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote the reverse of hapiness. When Mill speaks of hapiness, he means that which is intended to promote pleasure, and the absence of pain. And unhappiness is pain and the privation of...’’
The bell rang..
‘’Do you want me sir to continue..?’’We’re eye to eye exchanging death glares.
‘’Enough said. Class dismissed.’’Khalil taking his loads. Tas nag-alisan na yung mga classmates ko..
‘’Believe din ako sayo Nana.” Kaiser said na nakipag-apir pa.

‘’Excuse me, matagal pa ba yan?’’ I said while waiting on the client’s area.
‘’Miss, pasensya na po it will take at least 2 hours enhancing the Ducati. Girlfriend po kayo ng owner?’’ Shop boy employee asked.
‘’Hinde. Ako may-ari nyan. Tanong ka pa.’’ I sarcastically answered. I raised my left eyebrow.
‘’Sorry po mam. Pwede pong balikan nyo na lang para hindi kayo mainip.’’ Shop boy employee said nakatingala saken. Maliit kasi sya.
‘’DO I GET DISCOUNT KUNG HINDI AKO MAINIP DITO? ’’I said with a warned tone. Natatakot na yung boy.
‘’Sorry po ma’am.’’He apologized. Nakayuko na, hindi na makatingin sa ken.


‘’Kidding. Sige wait na lang ako dito sa client’s area, review mode, bye! (Philosophy: Philosophers of Modern/Anthropocentric Period)’’
*** End of Flashback***
Only the best of Chinese Cuisine Oriental Hotel could offer. Nagpaset ng private luxury dining dito si papa. Ewan ko kung anong okasyon, ang dami kasing Chinese businessmen ang nagsidatingan, yung iba mga shareholders, mga Fil-Chinese, mostly Asians.
Basta saken, the best talaga ang Schang Sha Fillet, Szechuan Delight, Crab Rangoons and Fried Wonton.
‘’Son, finish your leftover food, within 10 minutes you’ll finally meet the heiress of Shitzang Corp.’’ Mom sitting beside me, sa malaking round table. 2 lang kami ni mom dito, si dad busy sa pakikipag-negotiate sa mga Chinese businessmen.
‘’Mom, what’s with the Shitzang Corp.?’’I asked. Ang sarap talagang kumaen.
‘‘您是否在北京记得您的肥胖女孩同学?’’(Do you remember your fat girl classmate in Beijing?)Mom.
‘’Mom, I had a lot of fat classmates. Go straight to the point.’’ I said sipping the cold organic green tea.
‘‘儿子,她和仍然增长油脂。我知道您的在妇女的口味,但是在您的年龄,您应该定居了(Son, she’s grown up and still fat. I know your taste in women but in your age, you should have settled down.) Mom.
I coughed. Muntik ko ng maibuga yung tea. Settle down? Wala pa sa plano ko ang pagpapakasal. Maraming babae manghihinayang saken, tss naawa naman ako Tsss..
‘’Mom, that’s no fun. 21 pa lang ako and hindi pa tapos sa college tas settle down agad?’’I said.
您父亲和我已经谈论了此,儿子。’’(Your father and I had already talked about this, son.)  Mom
Damn it. I heard that before. Kasal agad? Ni hindi pa nga nag-eengagement lalo namang hindi ko pa nakikilala kasal agad? Tss.. sana hindi nalang ako naging panganay na anak. Stupid Chinese traditions..
‘’ 妈妈,我抱歉,我必须去。(Mom, I’m sorry, I have to go.) I finished my food. I stood out and turned back to leave but an arm refused me.
‘’Wess Chan! 我警告您! 不要破坏这夜,儿子! 今晚是您的先.’’(Wess Chan! I’m warning you! Don’t ruin this night, son! Tonight is your pre-engagement.)
Dad in a warned tone came approaching.
‘’ 约?但是爸爸。‘’(Pre-engagement? But dad. ) I insisted. Pinigilan agad ako ng mga bodyguards ni dad. Kung alam ko lang na ang dinner na to ay isang kalokohang pre-engagement, sana maaga pa lang nakatakas nako. Fvck that.
‘‘不要做我失望对您! 这是您的先约简单的夜。您能在此以后离开。’’(Don’t make me disappointed to you! This is simple night of your pre-engagement. You can leave after this.) Dad.
I was caught off guard. Wala nakong nagawa kundi ang sumunod na lang sa kanya. Pesteng pre-engagement to. The Shitzang family has finally arrived. Nakasakay sila sa isang Limo. Gusto ko na talagang tumakas, ang dami kasing bodyguard ang nakaharang sa entrance and exit doors.
Sino naman kayang babaeng to na naka-Chinese dress pa? Tss.. malayo pa lang tanaw ko na kung gano magmura yung excess fats nya. Para nyo na ring sinabing pwedeng magsex ang white dragon sa polar bear. Peste,
Sa isang malaking round table nag candle light dinner ang family namin saka yung mga SHITzang, SHIT, SHIT holyshit! Dun nag-exchange ng formal introduction ang family.
‘’Oh, so we have matched a soon to be couple’’ SHITzang dad.
‘’We can have now our grandaughter or grandson.’’ Dad laughed.
‘’So when would we set the engagement party’’SHITzang mom
Ayoko ng makihalo sa walang kwenta nilang usapan. Yung mga parents namin ang madalas nag-uusap. Katabi ko pa tong polar bear na panay ang pa-cute. Gross. kelan nagpuppy eyes ang isang bear. Sagwa.
After nung dinner, pinilit lang ako ni mom na isama to dun sa Mediterranean-themed fountain garden sa labas , sinunod ko na lang siya,tss.. Badtrip.. sarap ilubog tong intsik na butanding, geez. panay pa pacute .. Na-obssess na yata.
‘’ 我是您的gradeschool同学在北京,记得?我是肖Xiao Shitzang."( I’m your gradeschool classmate in Beijing, remember? I’m Xiao Shitzang.) Xiao said.
She smiled. Sa sobrang kapal ng fats nya, natabunan na yung eyelids nya, kaya parang guhit na lang mga mata nya. Kung gano sya kataba nung nasa Beijing pa kame, lalo pang trumiple. Tumigil kami ng paglakad sa paligid ng fountain pool. I faced her.
‘’Let me clear this. I don’t fvckin care whoever ex-classmate you are! Look! It’s rude of me to say this but I don’t like you! I have a girlfriend who’s 2 weeks pregnant and she’s the one I want to live with for the rest of my life. So back off in the engagement party.’’ I lied para lang sya na magback off.
‘’But I like you! I think I was in love at the first sight no matter what. Marry me Wess Chan!! My loves!! I want to give mom and dad a son!’’ Xiao who’s clinging on my arms. Bigla pa syang yumakap sakin at sa sobrang bigat, pareho kaming nahulog sa fountain pool. Babuy ampota.  Bwisit talaga tong gabi nato.


‘’Ayos ah kaka-upload ko pa lang sa youtube, 9,296 views na. 22 likes, 5, 809 dislikes.’’ Wynwyn web browsing.
‘’TITLE: ANG PORKSTEAK NA BINABAD - moments with Wess Chan hahahaha’’ Wynwyn na nagpagulong gulong sa kama, sya naglagay ng title na yun.
‘’Nice. You hit a great title for that.’’ I said.
‘’Hahahahah!! Nana, mababaliw talaga ko sayo! Totoo ba talaga tong video? Yan yung magiging fiance ni fafa Wess my loves? Pano ka nga pala nakapunta dun? Eh di ba private dinner yun?’’Wynwyn.
‘’Simple, I walked on the entrance.’’I said.
‘’Entrance, pano? Wala ka sa lists.’’Wynwyn.
‘’Of course. I do have. I’m Liaoxi Cheng.’’ I smiled.
‘’Ano? Di kita gets.’’ Wynwyn.
‘’Liaoxi’s father is our regular customer. Gumawa ako ng ID as Liaoxi. And since nasa business trip yung Liaoxi, I’m free to use her name. ’’I explained.
‘’My God, Nana! Daig mo pa recto, pag ako may kailangan pagawa rin ako ID sayo ah, hehe.. Pati regular customers kilala mo.. nice!’’Wynwyn.
‘’He’s our big time regular customer in Rossian Hotel. Here where he often drags his other woman or rather hide her.’’ I said. ’’I said.
‘’Ahahaha, pati querida alam mo rin?? Ibang klase ka talaga Nana. So what are your plans now?’’Wynwyn.
‘’I heard about Wess records. 3 beses ng hindi natutuloy yung engagement party nya sa kakatakas nya kaya laging nagbaback off yung mga businessmen parents nila sa Chan corp.’’ I said.
‘’So, sa tingin mo tatakasan nya ulet yung dumbo girl sa video?’’Wynwyn.
‘’Probably yes. Womanizer yun at lalong hindi magpapatali sa isang babaeng hindi pasok sa kanyang standards. Kailangan matuloy yung kasal nya!’’I said.
‘’KASAL AGAD AS IN?? Nana, sayang naman si Wess kung ganun. 21 lang sya.’’ Inuga-uga ako ni Wynwyn.
‘’’Ahahahaha! Nana, tingnan mo yung sabi ni Simsimi.’’Wynwyn on the next tab.
Me: Maganda ba yung pakakasalan ng crush kong si Wess Chan?
Simsimi: Sino? yung babaeng Chinese Budha :)
Me: ahaha.. Panu mu nalaman?
Simsimi: Ininvite kaya ako this September , duh??
‘’September? Psycho din tong Simsimi nato ah.’’ We killed laughter. 
‘’Maipost nga tong comment ni Simsimi’’ Wynwyn.
Back to Youtube tab..
Keyboard typing..
Comment: ‘’Chinese Budha na pala type mo ngayon ah! Best Wishes daw sa September! -Simsimi’’’ *Posted*

‘’Holy shit! Who the hell rip my tire! Fvck that!’’ I madly said. I’m in the parking lot. My precious Cattie wheels were flat. Argh.. What a pissed day to start! It was stabbed. It was done for a purpose! How would I ride home back? Kakapa enhance ko pa lang neto!!
Beeep!!! Beep!!
A black Ferrari came approaching. The dork is here.
‘’Hey,,  Lemon Babe, care to help?’’ He scoffed.  Now I know who did it. Psh. Done for a purpose.
‘’No, thanks! I can manage this.’’I smirked.
‘’Tsk, tsk.. sino namang gumudtaym ng tires mo..?  Hirap i repair yan,’’ Wess. Acting worried. You liar! Bumaba sya ng kotse.
‘’Pasalamat yung bumutas ng tires ko at hindi ko sya nahule.’’
‘’Whoah, sounds creepy.”’ Wess.
‘’Kasi kung nahuli ko sya, ospital bagsak nya.’’ Death glare to him. Liar Wess. Ikaw lang pwedeng gumawa neto. Fvck you!
 ‘’Chill. Relax!  Ganito na lang I’ll give you a ride in nearest vulcanizing shop.’’ Wess pleaded. Siya na sumira ng tires, siya pa magmamagandang loob na dalhin sa shop. Fvck that!
‘’Fine!’’  Sumakay nako sa car nya.
‘’Pwede naman kasi akong i invite ng maayos kesa sirain pa tires ko.’’I accused him. I buckled up my seatbelt. He started driving.
‘’Ako? Are you accusing me? I get what I want.. Hindi ko kailangan ng ganyang reason to get a girl. Isa pa, ako na nga tong nag ooffer ng help sayo, ako patong ina accuse mo.’’ Wess.
‘’Whatever?? ‘’ I said. What the hell?? Ano tong nasa gilid ng upuan?? I picked it up. Yuck.
‘’Oh’’ Ibinato ko sa muka nya yung napulot ko sa gilid ng upuan ko.
‘’Hey, I’m driving, can’t you see?’’ Wess. Bigla nyang itinago sa bulsa yung itinapon ko sa muka nya.
‘’Siguraduhin mong napa dryclean mo yan bago isole.’’  I said. Gross!! Sana bago nya ko isinakay, nilinis muna nya yung car nya. Silk G string. (girl undies)

‘’Hey, hindi saken to, I mean, hiniram yung car ko kagabe saka naiwan yan.’’ I defensed. Badtrip. Wess is really pissing me off! The way he tells lies again feels like my knuckles can’t help to punch his face.
‘’Anyway I’m starving, Ms.Nana Hartnett.’’ Wess. Pagababago ng topic. Alam na niya full name ko.
‘’So what? You told me that you’ll drive me to some nearest vulcanizing shop..”
‘’Fine! Ihahatid naman kita but  I’m starving to death, okay? Sige na pili ka ng restau. My treat.’’Wess grinned like hell. Restau pala ha, sinira mo pa tires ko para maglunch kasama ko. Whatta excuse.. even you hell  deny it!
‘’Okay, treat mo pala eh. You said I’ll choose one.’’ I evilly smiled. He parked his black Ferrari. Dito kami sa favorite kong restau.
‘’Whoah. What’s that Nana!’’ Wess.
‘’Milky brain topped with mozzarella cheese. Like it?  I have been craving for this so long!”


Okay na sana e, badtrip lang nung sya pa nakapulot ng naiwan na G string. Tss.. Anu bang klaseng babae to, tinuro nya yung restaurant nato, sounds classy pero pag dating sa loob, exotic foods ang main dishes. I almost throw up nung nakita kong sinerve sa table naming yung food nya. Kakainin ba nyang lahat yun? Allergic ako sa exotic foods, makakita lang ako nun, talaga suka abot ko.

‘’Hey, you said you’re starving to death eh bakit hindi ka kumakaen.’’ Nana na ini slice pa yung pinkish brain ng kung ano mang hayop yun. Masusuka na talaga ko.. Wala kong inorder. Takte, nawala gutom ko.. sana pala sa Chinese restaurant ko na lang to dinala.
I swallowed.
‘’No, thanks.. Take your time.  I don’t eat exotic foods. Drinks na lang siguro.‘’ Wess.
‘’Nah,  it’s an effective tonic food for taekwondo. Try it! You’ll love it!’’ Nana insisted. She teasingly smiled. Fvck! Tumalsik yung stain ng food nya sa checkered polo ko. Psh!
‘’Oh, Wess I’m so sorry!’’ She immediately got a tissue to wipe it.


‘’Oh, Wess I’m so sorry!’’ My best actress performance. I’m counting seconds,  susuka ka na. Fvck you! The sticky stain na sinadya kong patalskin sa polo nya. Kulay dugo pa. Wess is allergic to exotic foods. CHECK!
‘’No, it’s okay!’’ Wess looked at me. Magkatabi lang kami sa round table so nung pinunasan ko ng tissue yung polo nya, he held my hand. We’re as close as our eyes nearly meet. Hazel eyes.. why I’m loving those eyes.. His warm hand. The stares are stickier than the stain.
Even I myself can’t deny I’m getting attracted to this jerk that crashed my tires. Fvck you again! Is he getting attracted to me or that’s only normal to be in Wess’ shoes. Womanizer, I mean.
‘’I’m sorry , I was too clumsy..’’I said. Sige lang makipagflirt ka pang kakatingin saken, WESS CHAN.


‘‘I’m sorry, I was too clumsy.’’ Nana said.
Why she’s acting the other way around. Not the tough taekwondo girl who won over me the last match. I guess she’s still a girl whom surely gets fascinated with me. She still has the soft hand when I caress sends electricity to her spine.
‘’No, it’s okay with me. At least I have reason to touch your hand like this.‘’ Wess. She smiled. Beautiful Nana.
‘’Ma’m, Sir, here’s your order, CEPHALO ICED COLA DRINKS!  Enjoy!’’  Waiter dashed out. We freed our hands.
‘’Thanks.’’ Aaack, gutom na ko, siguro naman walang halong exotic ingredients dito sa drinks. 


Sige lang, ubusin mo pa yang inorder kong drinks mo. Meron ka pang pareason reason to touch my hand like this ah. Muka mo! You’ll pay for my tires!

‘’You know what, this is my favorite restau.. Actually I’ve tasted all the dishes and drinks here.’’

‘’Really? Typical woman wouldn’t eat here but you’re definitely amazing. This cola tastes good.’’ Wess.


3… 2.. 1..

Glass emptied.

‘’A c k…!      I   c a n’t..      b r e a t h e..  Na na..’’ His face is getting red. He’s catching his breath. He collapsed.

‘’Hey.. Wess.. what’s wrong? Wess!!’’ playing worried.

CEPHALO ICED COLA DRINKS- Cephalo, (prefix) or  short for ‘cephalothorax’ the anterior portion of certain arthropods, as crustaceans and arachnids, consisting of the united head and thorax.

 in short ulo ng shrimps yun. Cephalothorax ng shrimps yung ginagamit nila dito.Yung extract nun  ang minimix sa cola na  ginagamit na drinks sa exotic food restau nato. 


This cola tastes good pala ha. Ospital ka ngayon!

4 days din syang naadmit sa hospital. Maraming extracts ng shrimp yung drinks nya. Hehe.. Yung fat Chinese girl sa video yung laging nagbabantay kay Wess. How sweet of yours, dear..

‘’You know what, Wess Chan has told me about you, he said he was sorry for acting rude to you. Now, he has realized how good you’ll be a Mrs.Chan soon. I’m congratulating you.’’

‘’Oh, you’re so sweet, Nana. I don’t expect that Wess would tell those things about me. Thank you so much’’ Xiao Shitzang. She hugged me, totoo  nga mataba sya na masasakal ka pag niyakap nya. Kaya pala they fell off the fountain pool.

‘’Thank you again Nana for bringing Wess here.. If he has with nobody, he might die if not admitted right away. ’’Said his mom. Wess is such a sleepyhead.

‘’No Mrs. Chan. It’s okay. Like anybody else would do that.’’ I said. Liar I am.

‘’Thank you so much. I owe you Nana.’’ Mrs. Chan. Lumabas nako sa hospital room ni Wess.  Parang naallergic lang, naka presidential suite pa. Rich boy.

‘’So ikaw pala yung naka match ni Wess sa taekwondo.’’ Said Lydon na nagsindi ng cigar.

‘’Ako nga, did he tell something wrong ‘bout me? Hey, bawal yan.(cigar)’’I said. Tinapon nya yung cigar.

‘’Happy??’’He scoffed.

‘’ Obviously, he said you’re NOT A TYPICAL WOMAN to date.. “Lydon chuckled.

‘’Funny?? Well Wess is not that TYPICAL TOUGH GUY to date. Even a woman can bring him down, weak.’’ I said and turned back to leave.

‘’Hey, wait Nana.’’ He held my arm.

‘’Minsan, sama ka naman samen oh. ’’ Lydon.

‘’Ang bilis mo din. Tss.’

‘’Hey, friend ka naman ni Wess, ni hindi ka man lang nya napapakilala samen, hindi naman kami iba sa kanya. Why not hang out?’’ Lydon. If that’s the case to get close with my preys, why not?

‘’Hmmm. I’ll think twice.’’ He got my digits.


Medyo okay nako, ilang araw na lang engagement na, I need to escape from this fvckin hospital. Tinanggal ko na yung swerong nakakabit saken.. Kung bakit kasi may halong shrimp extract yung drinks na yun. Ack.. naalala ko na naman yung kinain ng Nana na yun.

Pinkish brrrrr---? Napatakbo pako sa me’s room. Peste, masusuka pa yata ‘ko.


‘’Hello, Mrs. Chan.This is Nana Hartnett, your son Wess is about to leave tonight at 6, he booked a flight going Hongkong, I hope you would make an action for  that before the engagement goes postpone.’’ I said.

‘’Are you serious, Nana? Where is he now?’’ Mrs. Chan

‘’Mrs.Chan, I’m dead serious! I’m in the hospital. He told me not to tell you his escape plan! I was just concern to you so I tell you. I heard he has escaped his engagement party several times! You want to happen it again Mrs.Chan?’’ I said. Ayaw pang maniwala saken. Tsss.

‘’Okay, okay, I’ll go ahead, I owe you Nana for telling this!’’ Mrs. Chan

‘’Go ahead Mrs.Chan. Find him. Bye.’

End Call..

Neither I talked to Wess nor I found him.Wala na sya sa hospital. T@nga na lang nyang tatakas kung  hindi rin nagpalit ng phone. Tss,  Didn’t he pay a bit attention reading user’s manual kung anong use ng GPS sa phone nya, he’s rather engrossed into playboy mags. Geez.

1 week after, the Chan security has tailed Wess in Hongkong, so probably, hindi na sila lumayo at dun sinet yung engagement party. Trending sa school yung engagement na yun, ang isang Wess na cassanova ay now officially engaged to a 230 pound pure Chinese.

Well. I guessed he’ll stay longer there, kailangan na kasi agad ang marriage para ma process na yung merge ng Shitzang Corp sa Chan Corp. Whoah.  and then next a baby?

I clicked the video which Wynwyn posted a month ago.

’TITLE:  ANG PORKSTEAK NA BINABAD   moments with Wess Chan’’


100,220 likes,    1,185, 809 dislikes.


Reading Comments..

mharlyn26:  Whoah!! Fortuneteller na pala si Simsimi? Akalain mong napredict nyang ikakasal si Wess Chan this September.

twitchie:  Omo! Serves him right! Buti nga jan sa perv na Wess Chan na yan! Ikakasal sya sa fat na Chinese!

aileenfiao09:  Waaahh!!! Sayang ang gwapo gwapo pa naman nya!!! WE LOVE YOU MANHATTAN PRINCEs !! Bakit isa isa na kayong nawawala! Si Kyx, si Atom si Wess my loves?? Don’t tell me may PRINCE na namang mawawala sa school?? T_T

huntress_05:  aileenfiao09, meron nga.. kilala ko

aileenfiao09:  OMG! That’s creepy! You serious?

Beep.. beep..

1 text message received.

‘’Ready? I’ll pick you up tonight at 10..’’

Keyboard Typing…

huntress_05:  Actually, nagtext na nga siya eh.. ‘Mr. STARPLAYER’.

Alt+F4 Enter
**Shutting down**


  1. Aileen, please do not forget to put LABEL on your post :)

  2. wiiieE, aNg tgAL qNg ndE nkPagprAmdaM,,, kaSi hoLy wEek, so mttgALan uLt ang pgbbLik q,,, buti n LNg nakpAginternt n uLit aq at nkitA qNg mEi upd8 n riN itEy,,, yeY,,,

  3. grAbe uNg pinoSt n vid ni wyNWyN, aNg tAas ng vieWs peO aNg dMi diN nAgdiSLikeS,,, hwAhehE,,,


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