Friday, December 7, 2012

A Moment With Bryce (One-shot; English)

{AN: Hello I'm back! Sorry kung di ko na na-update ang iba kong stories ah? Naging super duper busy lang talaga ako. Anyway, meron akong natapos na one-shot story at sana magustuhan nyo. To VOTE this, just click here. Thanks :)}

Facts before publishing the story ^_^* :

1. As an ordinary writer, I had doubts whether I'll publish this story or not because of the idea that this might fall into one of the "cliche" types or perhaps "no originality" stories.

2. This was actually based on the movie "Flipped" last 2004 starring Madeline Caroll and Callan McAuliffe that's why I also put "Fan Fiction" as one of its categories and of course put some twist in the plot.

3. This was untitled. I really found it difficult to look for a perfect title and it took two months for me to finally decide "A Moment With Bryce" as a title. xD

4. I'd written the plot separately, meaning the first part was written about 2 months ago.

5. After I finished writing an episodic story for our student publication, I looked for my draft notebook in "My First Kiss at the Eiffel Tower" to continue the story but then, I also found the draft of this story and got tempted to finish it. :)

6. The characters were from the movie "Beastly" (Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer) so that they would fit to the "senior year" students roles.

7. I did not put the girl's name in the plot so that every girl whose reading this one could assume that she was really the character speaking in the story or it could be vice versa, that would mean, the character "Bryce" here could be the girl and this story could be a GUY's POV :)

8. This story is dedicated to my favorite Wattpad writer Aegyodaydreamer since she was the one who introduced the movie Flipped to me. :)

<3 H-Jae


  1. NBasA q n aTey,,, aNg gaNda gAndA,,,, wiSh it waS LOngEr,,,, gHad,,,, aNg gwApomUch ni brYce n giNamit mU eE,,,,

    1. :)) thank you for reading...yeah i wish it was longer kaso nosebleed na ako masyado eh...haha

  2. emegedness!!! basahin mo yung mga pinagco-comment ko dun sa watty kasi dun ko siya unang nakita at nabasa!!! para akong baliw dun... ahahahaha!!! salamat sis!!! >_____<

    1. hehe..andun din reply ko sa watty...tinamad na aq mag-copy-paste xD you're always welcome sis ^_^


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