Friday, December 7, 2012

A Message for Mom: I love you

Sorry. Hindi ko pa maupdate yung Suddenly, It's Magic. >;<
Eto. Sana magustuhan niyo siya! >:)))

A Message for Mom: I love you

Being with you by myside
Makes me feel comfortable
Brings me at peace
Just knowing you are here
There's no such thing
That is comparable to your love
Only you my loving mother
Who always makes me feel safe

I never imagined
That time will come
You have to leave
That breaks my heart into pieces
I know that your love is true
Leaving doesn't always mean an end
It also measures our love
Our everlasting love for each other
I know mother
I'm gonna be okay
I love you
Always and Forever

-Please critisize my work. It would help me a lot. :)))


  1. ThiS is woNderfuL,,, LhAt ng aNak guSto sbihin yAn s mgA minMhaL niLaNg inA,,, aNg gaNda po,,,,

  2. hiNtayiN q n LnG ang updAte duN s suDdeNLy itA maGic niO aTey,,,

  3. ~angel is luv~

    ang ganda!

  4. i like this.. coz i really love my dear mother..

    sana update nyo na po ang SIM.. super miss ko na po yun!!

  5. ang sweet! basta for mothers talaga, nakakatouch basahin!


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