Friday, December 7, 2012

A Moment With Bryce: Plot ^_^*

The moment I first saw Bryce's dazzling eyes was the best moment of my life. It was like a long time wish that came true! I knew that was called "love at first sight" as they said. But I knew that wasn't just ordinary and temporary.

When my mom decided that we have to move to another town, I felt so depressed that my heart seemed to shatter. I couldn't see Bryce watering their plants everyday anymore. I couldn't watch him riding his old bicycle in front of our house any longer. Yes we were neighbors. But we weren't that close like BFF as what you're thinking. Well, my depression did not last long. I still saw him at school because we were classmates until we reached high school.

Bryce knew I liked him. But I did not tell him just to make sure that the respect he had for me will remain. When we were at school, I was actually always chasing him wherever he went and even sniffing his super addicting scent when I got the chance to be at his back. I knew that sounded so crazy but you couldn't blame me though. Maybe the statements "STOP FOLLOWING ME!!!" or "YOU ARE SO ANNOYING!!!" were the sweetest words I've ever heard in my entire life. His screams were like melodies that tickled my dainty ears. His angry eyes were the loveliest thing I've seen. I honestly loved to pester him all the time, that was for sure...because it was the only way he could talk to me.

He was harsh. He was a bit weird. I never saw him making friends with other students. And the fact that he was still single was my ultimate favorite xD. He never had any girlfriend and I desperately want to be his first.

One day in our senior year, I found a note which was glued in my armchair: "You ugly lame duckling! Stay away from Bryce or else I will make you the ugliest duckling in the dirtiest pond! Do you think you're pretty huh? F*ck off!" LOL! That was very funny! Of course I tore down the useless paper and threw it away to the trash can. That was nothing. It did not bother me at all. Whatever happens, I won't stay away from Bryce!

"What's that?" Bryce snapped behind me.

"Uh...uhm..." I stammered. I was like 'OMG! He talked to me first!'

"Nothing." I answered without even blinking my eyes.

Then he said nothing and walked away.

I screamed inside me! I really had a huge crush with Bryce ever since and I knew deep inside that this wasn't an infatuation anymore. Sometimes I got confused and asked myself what to do. Still, I ended up with the thought of 'annoying and distracting him' just to get his attention.

I went inside the classroom and approached him. "Hey!" I said then faced him.

"What?" His voice was cold as ice but it was awesome! "Are you going to annoy me again, huh?" He asked in somewhat irritated voice.

"No. No. Not now. Uhm, would you like to eat...with me?" I asked, then sat beside him.

"NO." He answered trying to utter a strict tone of his voice.

"Just few minutes." I insisted.

"Can you please stay away?" Now that was harsh.

"What if I won't?" I shrugged. Then my eyes glared at him. Oh God! I really loved those eyes. Suddenly, I forgot about myself. I couldn't blink and my jaws were opened. I felt like my chest started to tighten slowly. I stared at him. He was indeed staring at me too. Gosh he was like an angel who fell down to earth to rescue me.

"Uhm." Finally he uttered a sound and I woke up in my hallucinations. He stood up, looked at in different direction then went outside. I followed him immediately, as always.

"Where are you going?" I asked while walking.

"Away from you!" He yelled.

"But Bryce...I, I just want to have lunch with you." I protested.

He stopped then faced me. I showed him a "puppy eyes" look hoping that he would change his mind.

"I said NO!" He yelled again.

"Why??" I asked him in a sad voice.

"Will you please shut up and stop following me? Please?" His eyes grew bigger.

"Bryce please...I just want to have simple moments with you. Am I really this unimportant?" I asked, then I lowered my head.

He did not say anything but that time he did not walk away. Instead, he grabbed my right hand and we walked so fast toward a vacant cottage at the back of our school. "Come on!" He said.

At the empty cottage, he started the conversation. "Why are you doing this?" He asked, looking at a far distance.

"I...I found this the only way to talk to you. If I won't do this, you won't talk to won't even look at me." I answered with a slight sniff.

"Why?" He asked again, looking straight into my watery eyes.

I wasn't able to response. I tried to stop myself from crying because it would be awful if I cried in front of him.

" liked me?" He leaned his head closer to my face. I saw doubts in his eyes but it contained temptations more.

I remained quiet in a couple of seconds.

"You know..." He snapped, breaking the silence that wrapped us. "you don't have to do that starting now." He continued.

"Actually it's not that, I liked you." I said in almost a whisper.

"What?" His forehead wrinkled.

He stepped back and started to execute his habit of walking away. He tried to left me alone by turning back but I yelled "I am already in love with you!"

He turned back again and faced me. In an instant I saw him smile. That was the most beautiful smile in the world for me!

Then he walked toward me. My heart started beating a rapid rhythm in my chest.

"Do you think I would feel the same way?" He asked.

"Uhm...I guess...No..."

"Then you got it wrong." And then he smirked.

That moment when he slowly caressed my face with the warm palms of his soft hands...

was also the moment I received my first kiss.


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  1. waAaaaah,,,,, nkKakiLig to tHe mAx!!!!!!! nPaNood q n yAng fLippEd, gUsto q uLit pNooRin dHiL ditO,,,, waAaaaaHhhhh,,,, tApos c aLeX peTtyfeR Pa,,,, noSebLeed tO d mAx, hWaHehE,,,,

  2. copy-paste ko na lang ang kalandian ko... mula ito sa watty ha:

    inlove na inlove ako sa movie nito kahit na mga bata masyado yung bida... kaya naman i'm so happy na sa fanfic na 'to, si alex pettyfer si bryce ko!!! and while reading, it makes me want to watch the movie again!!!

    but the last part...... OW. EM. JI. heart-attack!!!

  3. hahahaha. ayan! nagustuhan nyo din :)) addict much lang naman ang mode ko nito at sobrang crush ko lang si alex pettyfer kaya BOOM! haha :)

    salamat ng marami for reading and liking this craziness of mine! LOL! Luv u all guys esp. ms. aegyo <3 Luv u all readers xD

  4. yah! babye! si Alex Pettyfer! Gwapo much! huhu! Flipped! Panoorin natin! nagcomment na ako kahit di ko pa nababasa..adik lang.. hahhaha!

    1. hahaha! basahin mo muna sis para malaman ko reaction mo xD

  5. ay nawala yung unang comment ko... ang bilis ng mga pangyayari pero ang sweet!!

  6. that was fast yet the plot was just right. one-shot nga eh. i enjoyed reading it though.

  7. ang ganda!!!



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