Friday, August 24, 2012

Worst Nightmare by H-Jae

Шøґ﹩т ℵ☤ℊℌтм@ґℯ
♭¥: ℋ➸Ⓙαℯ

[Written last June 10, 2010]

Never been into somewhere far,
not really sure if I'll meet some war.
He was there waiting,
then I found myself here, crying.

Nights grew longer...
and the love we had grew colder.
Is it just a worst nightmare?
Or it's time for me to say "farewell..."

I guess I made a wrong decision,
and I felt my body filled with poison.
This heartache I've been carrying for so long,
made me realized that I have to move on...

*Note: I wrote this poem after I found out that my boyfriend/ex-boyfriend had already found someone new. Pinuntahan ko pa naman sya kung saan sya nagbakasyon nun pero yun agad ang sumalubong sakin. Waaaahhh! Anyway, past is past! (>‿◠) 

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  1. the story is heartfelt because it's base on experience. youre really good.


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