Thursday, August 9, 2012

My First Kiss at the Eiffel Tower : Author's Note and Cast of Characters

[ Author's Note: This story is dedicated to Wattpad Fans, to myself who always dream to have a vacation in Paris, to my friends, to my boyfriend and to you. I got inspired after I read a certain story here and then a thought came into my mind: "Why not try writing at least one?" So, here is now my first ever romantic-comedy story (fiction). Hope you'll enjoy and please do vote and comment so that i'll know if i'm going to continue this one or not. Thanks! 

-H-Jae ]

Main Characters:

Cassy Montefalcon - 18, Manila, Philippines
Zev Boulanger - 19, Paris, France
Andrew Montero - 18, Manila, Philippines (Cassy's admirer)
Mischa Gustave - 17, Paris, France (Zev's Ex-girlfriend)
Sandra Montefalcon  - 43, Cassy's mom
Chancellor Colliard Boulanger - 50, Zev's dad

*Other characters will be revealed as the story goes on...

 Language (s): mainly Filipino and a sort of English and French.

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