Thursday, August 9, 2012

My First Kiss at the Eiffel Tower : Introduction


This is all about a young ordinary lady whose greatest dream is to go to the most romantic city of the world    -- Paris. She believes that having a short vacation there is fun, not thinking about romance. However, after this dream come true, she finds herself not just having fun but also

falling in love.

Meet Cassy  ------------------------------- the Pinay Accoustic Princess.

Meet Zev ----------------------------------- the French Rock Star.

Do you think the result will be positive if their two worlds will collide?

Special thanks to Nargles for making such a nice cover for my story.

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  1. i edited the title. tinanggal ko po yung ON-HOLD na nakalagay. masyado na po kasing mahaba yung nasa title. ^^


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