Thursday, August 9, 2012

My First Kiss at the Eiffel Tower : Prologue


Je t'aime du fond du cœur – Perhaps it’s the most romantic French statement for Cassy.

As the only daughter of a single mom, she struggles of being alone. Though she has a nanny, yet what she needs is a mother. She is a princess of acoustic music and her angelic voice is always a turn on to every man who attempts to listen to her singing. Her life changes when her mom finally asks her for a one month vacation in her ultimate dream place – Paris. The bond between them changes in an instant. But before they leave in the Philippines, she met Zev, a French man having his vacation in the country. Aside from Andrew, her long time handsome admirer, Zev is considered as more attractive and well-built. Eventually an unexplanable feeling between them arise but both deny it to themselves not knowing and expecting that they’ll meet again for the second romantic time in the place Cassy wishes to stay forever.

Pero paano kung kailangan na nya talagang bitawan ang mga katagang iyon at ibaon na lang sa limot ang lahat? Makakayanan nya kaya? Paano kung panandalian lang pala ang lahat?
Bakit ganoon? Kapag nakaramdam ka na ng sobrang kaligayahan ay biglang may hahadlang? At dahil dun, masasaktan ka ng sobra, masusukat ang tapang at tatag mo, at maari kang magparaya para sa taong mahal na mahal mo. Mahirap, but that’s the truth…a bitter truth to be faced, not to be escaped.

Love isn’t planned or projected. True love just happens to us when we are not even looking or searching. That’s what makes it so undefined . (Anonymous)


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