Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jaywalking [POEM]

By: EunSeungRi


You came into my life
like a flash of light
I couldn't even move

You're walking in a street
where my heart is living stop there
'cause I don't know what to do

I said I Hate You
I think its all a lie
I don't really understand myself, Oh God!

Hey I'm in-love with you girl
I'm spinning in your world
can't get out, I'm stuck now
You're beautiful the way you are
You're a bad girl
for letting me fall in your cold heart
I will never go home without you
You are my Girl


Looking for a way
Feels like I'm lost
Baby where you are?

I jaywalked in your heart
put me behind your bar
torture me with your love

I'm going crazy
Still I'll come to you
I am so addicted
can you help me please?

[hiniram ko yung music pati title sa kanta ni SoongJoon na Jaywalking sa palabas na Shut Up Flower Boy Band para sa My G-Minor Prince. Gumawa lang ako ng sarili kong lyrics..

Ps. watch Shut Up Flower Boy Band kung mahilig ka sa rock band.] 


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