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Give Your Heart a Break [One-shot]

Give Your Heart a Break
By: WisdomDeath (Allie A.) 
Dedicated to: AegyoDayDreamer

Are you like the others? Don’t judge.

Princess is just your typical teenage girl—she loves music, books, make-up, clothes, shoes, and everything that makes the world go pink. She dated few guys—nice ones. Her eyes are like a field of sapphires—glistening blue.

                She walked down the hall of Crest Rivers High School, wearing a pink top, a jeans, and a matching pink Chuck Taylor sneakers. She passed by some of her past boyfriends but it doesn’t matter, they surely moved on.

                She’s not the popular girl in Crest Rivers High School but she was known as the Nice Girl. She always thinks about what others would feel before she acts.

“Looking pink, as usual.” Her best friend, Queen, said.

“And you look weird.” She replied with a bright smile.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as the boys kept coming to me.” Queen said then left.

                Some students shouted and when she looked where it came from, the jocks are there, bullying the emo-kind of guy, Luke Rendell. She walked towards them and pushed the buff guy who was about to punch Luke.

“Guys, stop. Don’t you have a practice to attend?” she asked with one of her eyebrows raised.

“Uhh…Y-Yes.” They said in chorus and left.

                Luke didn’t even utter a word and walked away.

“Hey.” Princess shouted as she ran towards him.

“Thank you. You can leave now.” He answered.

                She laughed and continued to walk with him. Luke just looked at her confusedly but after a few moments, his straight face popped a happy Luke.

                Luke Rendell is not a popular kid in school but he got the reputation of Loner Boy with the reason that could be pretty much obvious. He gets bullied from time-to-time but he ignored it afterwards.

                He was actually friends with the popular kid, years ago, but he left them behind because being popular is not just his thing. 

                Early in the morning, the jocks are bullying him but Princess saved him. His eyes and ears can’t believe what he heard and saw—Princess saved him from the jocks.

                They headed to first period together, talking about how Mrs. Myra looks like when she sneezes and coughs.

“You’re not so bad at all.” Princess said.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” He replied.

                They parted ways since they have different…no, not classes! Let’s me finish. They have different seats. Princess sits with her best friends, Queen and Empress. Luke sits at the back, alone.

“I want you to partner up and create a short performance and you will present it in front of the whole class. You have two weeks to finish it.” Mrs. Myra said then sneezes.

                Princess tried hard not to laugh at that time, she turned to look at Luke and he is trying not to laugh to. He saw Princess looking at him and so he just shrugged.

                Queen and Empress, on the other hand, partnered up and so did everyone else. Princess looked around and saw Luke doodling something on his notebook, she walked towards him and poked his arm.

“Do you have a partner already?” she asked.

“Does it look like I have?” he asked back.

“Not really. Except if you partnered up with the chair beside you.” She laughed.

“Do you have a partner?” he asked.

“Does it look like I have one?” she asked then smiled.

“Sad to be you.” He said then continued to doodle.

“Want to partner up with me?” she asked as she sat on the chair beside Luke.

                He just nodded and continued to doodle on his notebook. It’s hard to survive high school alone and bullied but Luke thinks that they were just being immature.

“Look, let’s talk about the project after school. Your house?” she suggested.

“No way.” He answered.

“Chill. Fine, my house.” She said as she fixed her things.

                After school, Luke and Princess met up at the school’s garden and together they headed to Princess’ house.

“It’s just project.” Princess said to her dad.

                Princess led Luke to their living room and they plopped down on the sofa.

“I’ll get us some refreshments first then let’s start talking about what to do.” She said then smiled.

                Luke just nodded and Princess left the room. She prepared two glasses of iced tea and a plate of pastries. She went back there and saw Luke talking to her younger brother, Thomas.

“Why? What kind of music is she listening to?” Luke asked Thomas.

“Adele.” Thomas answered with a smile.

                With all the other things that entered Princess’ family, she usually sees her brother, sitting at the corner of any room with earphones plugged in his ear and his head banging—it’s the first time from months of silence that he has heard her brother speak up again and smiling. She smiled and walked towards them. She set the tray down and sat beside Luke.

“Adele. Sad songs.” Luke said then turned his attention to Princess.

“It matches my mood.” She answered.

Luke looked back to Thomas who was still standing in front of him, “How often does she listen to Adele’s songs?”

“Always.” Thomas answered then walked away.

“It matches your mood? If it was every other day or a few times a week, I would understand that but always?” he said, looking at her.

                They talked about what the project will be. What will they perform? Horror? Drama? Romance? Comedy? No one knows—only them. Let’s leave it to them and wait for the performance.

                The next day, same routine—after school, they both headed to Princess’ house. Her mom is having some of her friends for dinner and so they stayed in Princess’ room.

                Luke started to look at Princess’ music collection—so far, he is impressed with the girl’s taste in music but it was more on sad songs.

“Okay, look. Tomorrow, let’s have a short break. Let’s go to the mall and upgrade your music.” He said.

                Princess just looked at him with a confused look.

“I love my music.” She said.

“I know. Princess, look at your music. It’s like you are always in the funeral—always sad.” He replied.

“I told you, it matches my mood.” She answered back.

“I don’t understand you. You are always happy.” He said.

“Have you ever had a girlfriend?” she asked.

                Princess caught a glimpse of Luke’s nervous face. He can’t even say something—he is scared to speak because it might end up a stutter.

“Oh my gosh! You haven’t dated anyone!” she exclaimed.

                Luke’s face turned red and he faced the wall—embarrassed.

“I am sorry.” Princess muttered.

“I am afraid.” He answered.

“You know, most guys would never admit they’re scared.” Princess said as she walked towards Luke.

“And besides, I will never fall in love.” He said then let out a soft laugh.

“As you say.” She said.

                At first, Princess thought that Luke was the typical emo guy—won’t speak up and a little bit of a jerk but she was wrong. Whenever a thought about Luke popped in her mind, she’ll find herself smiling. Was she falling in love with him? No. She can’t.

                On the other hand, Luke was doodling on his notebook but it’s not the same skulls and creepy doodles. He is doodling Princess’ name. He tried to listen one of Adele’s songs but instead of feeling sadder, he found himself smiling—thinking of Princess. He had a huge crush on Princess way back when they were still about 10-years old but he thinks it didn’t fade off.

                After school, that day, they headed to a mall. A break, as Luke said. They went to the music store and bought a few CDs. After that, they part ways and headed home.

                That night, Princess just stared at her ceiling. Thoughts about Luke passed through her mind so often that she can’t stop smiling.

                Luke started to listen to more happy songs—the emo side of him is fading off. Who is responsible for his change? Princess. Who else?

               The next day, everyone was surprised to see Luke all-brightened up. He is not wearing black but gray—a little hope.

“Luke’s looking better.” Empress said then grinned.

                Princess turned and saw Luke standing by his locker. He looked at her then smiled, she can’t resist it—a smile appeared on her pink lips.

                During lunch time, everyone is eating, chatting, and doing whatever they want but Princess was at the school gym with her ex-boyfriend, Ian.

“What do you want?” she asked impatiently.

“You.” He answered.

“You’re being an ass, again.” She said angrily.

“Princess, listen to me. I love you.” He said, looking straight at her.

                She looked at him back and their eyes met. All she can feel is anger. That guy ruined her life. Whatever he almost did will be kept secret.

“You love me? If you love me, you won’t bother to hurt me but you did hurt me. You hurt me so bad Ian! I felt my world fell apart. Now…Now, I am fine. I don’t need you and your—“ she was cut off when Ian pulled her and kissed her.

                She tried to push him but it was no use. After a few minutes, Ian broke off the kiss and she felt her body weaken. They both heard someone cleared his throat, they looked at who it was—Luke was standing there but he just shook his head in disgust and left the gym faster than you can say ‘sabotage’. The kiss was so not her dream kiss—no spark, and it’s like he’s pushing his tongue down her throat that she might vomit in front of him.

                Princess slapped Ian, “Your lips tastes like a spoiled milk.” she said then left.

                The rest of the day, she didn’t see Luke. No one did. When Ian left her, she felt her world fall apart swiftly and her heart got cured quickly, too. Now, she knows Luke hates her at what he saw. She felt her world crumbling down—slowly, painfully. 

                When she got home, her mom was holding a pot of orchids.

“Mom, where did that come from?” she asked.

“It was outside the door. It has a note...” she paused and handed it to Princess.

“..for you.” She continued.

                Princess grabbed it and headed to her room. She placed the pot on the corner of the room.
It must be from Ian. She thought.

                She can’t resist it anymore—she pulled the note and opened it.

                This orchid is for you. You may ask why? Because an orchid is as delicate as you. I may not have a chance to be a part of your heart but I want you to know that I love you. It was just a crush back then but when I get to talk to you, and get to know you more, I admit that I fell for you—more. Don’t let this affect the project. –Luke Rendell

                Her eyes are covered with tears. She played the music and the speakers released the sad music.

                The week passed quickly but it felt like years for Princess. She felt so sad that she can’t even fake a smile and laugh. Luke returned to dark loner guy. Their eyes met at times but Luke avoids immediately. He sure doesn’t want to fall in love but it was hard with Princess around.

                Her name says it all and a nobody like him can’t have a pretty princess with him.

                Another week passed and it’s their time to perform their scenes.

                When Luke and Princess were called, no one applauded but their teacher is so attentive and is watching their every move. And so it began.

                What was their scene? Romeo and Juliet.

                Their teacher, Mrs. Myra, looked at them like she was watching a romance movie on a television or more like a cinema.

                Their scene was sealed by a kiss and oohs and aahs and claps. They returned to their seats and ignored each other again.

                After class, Princess realized that it was her fault—she didn’t mean it but Luke did nothing wrong. It was Ian who ruined everything.

“Luke!” she shouted.

                He ignored her and so she was gone impatient. She waited for Luke to pass by the secret hall and pulled him to the storage room.

“What in the world…” he was cut off when he saw who pulled him in.

“Luke, please. Just listen. The one you saw…”

“Princess, I saw it clearly! You’re just like the others. I thought you were different.” He interrupted.

“Luke, he dragged me there. He kissed me. I don’t like him. It’s you whom I like…love.” She said.

                Luke looked at her and their eyes met.

“You...” he looked at her confusedly.

“Yes, I love you.” She said then smiled.

                A smile appeared on Luke’s face and leaned in to kiss her. Now, that was her dream kiss—gentle and she felt butterflies in her stomach.

                After a minute of that passionate, romantic kiss, they both left the storage room with a smile and with their hands intertwined.

 “I’m not like the others.” Princess said.

“I know. ‘Cause you’re an original.” Luke said and smiled.

No more loner boy.

No more sad songs.


  1. owmaygawd! nabigyan na ba kita ng sample ng bonggarcious kong comment!!! yung mala-essay sa haba? ohmaygawd ulet!!! ito na yun!!! bumabalik ako sa pagka-teenager!!! >___<

    1st, mukhang wala na talagang question sa paborito kong color! PINK! buti at nabanggit yan dito!

    2nd, for sure matutuwa sina queen at empress dahil may cameo roles din sila dito! hwahahahahahaha!!!

    3rd, ito ang madalas kong ikinagugulat! everytime may nagdededicate ng story saakin, may palaging isang name ng character ang talagang may kinalaman sa totoo kong buhay!!! coincidence y u ganyan! as for this story, yung character na ian! eesh! ayoko sanang banggitin but thank god dahil EX ko siya dito at paepal lang siya at kontrabida siya at lahat na! basta! ahahaha! masaya lang ako dahil buti hindi mo naisip na ian ang name ng bida! muah muah!

    btw, i like the name LUKE! for real!

    4th, at grabe!!! kinikilig talaga ako! pasingit lang! obvious naman diba? mababaw lang talaga ako!

    5th, dahil sa story na 'to, magda-download na nga ako ng mga kanta ni adele! para ma-feel kong ako talaga si princess. puro kpop kasi ang nasa playlist ko eh. hahaha

    and lastly, this is the best gift ever! seryoso! hindi ko ini-exaggerate ito ha! kahit pa kahapon yung bday ko, ngayon feeling ko araw ko pa rin ngayon! hwahahaha!

    hay! so ayun! parang nakukulangan pa ako sa mga ni-comment ko dito! i really admire you as a writer sis! muah muah~ labyu bebe! ^_____^

    pahabol pa! kinikilig pa rin ako kay luke!!! powtek! hindi maka-getover! baliw lang~~ <3

    1. Hahaha!!! Buti naman at nagustuhan mo, hehe! Sa names, kung saan-saang lupalop ng utak ko yan napulot. Hahaha!!! Next time, ikekwento ko sa'yo kung ano kinalaman ng pangalang IAN naman sa akin kaya TAKOT ako gamitin yan na bida. Hehehe!

      1st natuwa ako sa comment mo
      2nd tawa ako ng tawa sa comment mo
      3rd natuwa ako na nagustuhan mo
      4th ohyes kinilig ka!

      Hehehe! Love you mommeh!

      Bigyan pa kita ng PDF niyan eh. HAHAHA!

  2. it's so refreshing to read something like this. though for a guy like me, reading romance stories is so gay but i don't really care about that! as long as i enjoy reading it! you're definitely one of my favorite writers here.

    1. Thank you so much! Well, guys are different in their own way. There are only few guys who would even bother reading romance.

  3. what a great one-shot story! i like how the story started and ended! two thumbs up for you!


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