Sunday, February 10, 2013

Change [Give Your Heart A Break Part Two]

By: WisdomDeath

Change; a six-letter word that could mean good or bad. What kind of change could be considered good? And what could be the bad ones. We'll know.

Princess and Luke were together happily; they were inseparable.

Luke was starting to smile once in a while. He wasn't that gloomy like before. That was a good change.

Princess was still cheerful. Nothing really changed about her. That was also a good thing yet no change really happened to her.

Being one of the nicest girls in school, many pairs of eyes were watching Princess' move. She was like an actress in a crowd of regular people. She didn't mind. She kept on being herself without trying so hard on being someone else and yet she had to be a nice example for the lower years.

* * *

Early in the morning, Princess surging with energy. She was running along the halls of the school and hopped with a big smile on her face in front of Luke.

"Whoa!" Luke screamed, shocked on seeing his girlfriend--his very first girlfriend.

"Hi!" Princess happily said.

"Ate too much sugar, love?" Luke asked.

"Nope!" she cheered, smiling.

"Then what? You are starting to scare me." he said and let out a soft laugh.

"Oh it's just that I'm so excited for this coming weekend."  She said then batted her eyelashes.

Luke looked, with one of his eyebrows raised, at her like he has no idea what she was talking about and yes, he has no freaking idea what his girlfriend was talking about. The last time he checked his calendar; there was nothing they had planned that weekend.

"You forgot about my internship!" she exclaimed. It was obvious in her tone that she was disappointed, angry, and mad at the same time.

Energy seemed to flow out of Princess' system. The smile that was painted on her lips was replaced by a pout and her lively eyes looked down with her brows furrowed.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. It was marked on my other calendar. This one is not updated." He pointed at his calendar that was pinned on his locker.

"Stupid calendar." he muttered.

"Yeah. Go on. Blame the calendar." She said then a faint smile appeared on her lips.

"That's my girl. Come on. Let's get to our first class."  He said then wrapped his arm around her shoulder and went to their class, which was Biology.

* * *

During their Biology class, Queen and Empress, Princess' friends were looking at the couple yet not with happiness but with such anger in their eyes. That wasn't much of a surprise. The two never wanted Luke for their Princess.

Their eyes were raging with fire of anger that if looks can do kill, Luke was dead at that moment and so, Luke should thank the one above that looks cannot kill.

"I really don't like that guy." Queen whispered.

"Me either." Empress said.

* * *

After their class, Princess and Luke went straight to the cafeteria to eat their lunch.

"Tell me more about that internship." Luke said as he scooped some of the mashed potato on his plate and happily ate it.

"What about it?" She asked as she sipped from her cup of coffee.

"What would you do there?" Luke asked.

"Well, they'll show us the whole company of course. We'll be asked to write some interesting articles." Princess said as if she had said it a million times.

"Ohh." That was the only response Luke had given his girlfriend.

* * *

That weekend, Luke was sitting in front of his computer when he saw a chat box popped up.

He thought it was Princess but he was completely wrong. It was Empress.

            "You know, you could be handsome if you just don't dress weird. You look like Princess' servant when you're beside her."

            That was what she said to him.

            How long did it take her to write that crap? He thought.

            That was what he was forcing to think through but what he was really thinking was how to dress better.

            He remembered what he used to wear when he was still in the popular group. It was time to wear those kinds of clothes again.

* * *

Princess was having fun in her internship. It was the best thing she can ever think of. She was practicing to work on the biggest magazine in town--Glam-eye-rous--"Eyes of Glamour"

            "Are you guys done with your articles?" The mentor asked.

            "Yes." They answered in chorus.

            She was sitting in the waiting area with the other interns to know the result.

            While waiting, a thought about Luke passed through her mind. Luke has been acting weird the past few days. He wasn't as talkative as he used to be.

            Are his feelings for me fading? She thought.

            She didn’t like the thought of it but if that really was what was happening then she had to accept it completely.

            In a while, the results came up.

            “…Ashley Hellene.”

            They were starting to call the ones who passed.

            “Princess Lee.”

            Her eyes widened as she pushed herself off of her seat and get the envelope.

            She wanted to leap for joy, scream and hug every single human in that building but she tried to look as casual as ever. She smiled and said thank you.

            After calling the interns who passed, the mentor dismissed them.

            She was so excited to tell Luke the good news the next day. 

            * * *

            Princess was sorting through her locker when Empress and Queen jumped beside her, Empress on her right, Queen on her right.

            “Hey there!” Queen joyfully exclaimed.

            “Hmm. Hi?” Princess said.

            Princess looked at Queen and Empress confusedly. She knew there was something going on. Something was completely wrong. She can’t drop a finger on it but she knew something was up.

            Empress whistled, “New eye candy.”

            Empress was biting her lower lip and so was Queen. They were looking at someone or something behind Princess. Princess turned and saw Luke, or was it Luke?

            “Luke?” she asked.

            “Hey.” Luke said.

           Her eyes couldn’t believe. It was too different. It felt like she was staring at the sun, bright and painful.

            “What are you wearing?” Princess asked.

            “My usual clothes.” Luke said.

            There were about forty pairs of eyes looking at them or maybe just at Luke’s appearance.

            His hair that was used to be just casually mixed up was now spiked up. He was wearing a leather jacket over a white shirt, new jeans, and a pair of Vans.

            She disregarded his look. He was still the guy she loved. There was nothing in the world that could change that.

            * * *

            Things were going well the past few days but the next days were a damn wreck for Princess.

            Girls were swooning all over Luke and they weren’t even talking that much. Luke was back in the IT group with Ian.

            One day, at the school’s garden. Luke and Princess were very much alone.

            “Hey babe, want to go to Ian’s party this weekend?” he asked.

            She was silent.

            “There’ll be drinks.” He said then winked.

            She was still silent.

            “Is there a problem?” he asked.

            She looked at him as if he was supposed to know what the problem was and he SHOULD.

            “For the last few days, Luke, I have been trying to understand you but this is getting on my last nerve!” she exclaimed then gritted her teeth.

            “What the hell are you talking about?” He asked. His tone was a little high and yet confusion coated his face.

            “What the hell am I talking about?” She angrily said through gritted teeth.

            “You changed how you look…” she said, gesturing at Luke’s clothes, “…and now you changed your damn attitude! I tried to understand why you changed how you look but I just can’t but my mind told me that maybe you missed being with Ian and your old friends and it was fine with me! Now, you are being a jerk just like Ian! Looking at you makes me gag now.

            I look at you and I see a different person. I can’t see the guy that I fell in love with; I see a person whom I can’t imagine to be with. You changed completely.” She said.

            “I changed for you.” That was what all he was able to say. He was too shocked at the rage Princess has shown him.

            “You didn’t have to. I love you just the way you were.” She said then walked away, exhausted.

            She never wanted to change any part of Luke. She loved him just the way he was and she didn’t like how he turned to be.

            Luke was left dumbfounded right where Princess left him. His mouth was about to drop on the floor in shock. He couldn’t believe what happened; it was too scary to be true. He knew it was true yet forced himself to believe it wasn’t.

* * *

            Seconds turned to minutes; minutes turned to hours; hours turned to days and nothing changed—Princess was still avoiding Luke and Luke was still afraid to approach Princess.

            “Empress, what have you done?” Queen exclaimed after Empress told her what she told Luke.

            “You are the reason why Cess is being like that. Queen said.

            “I didn’t mean to. I was jealous that she has found a guy that would love her and I got nothing. I mean, I am the hottest chic in this damn school and I am freaking single.” Empress said.

            “You have to fix this. Immediately.” Queen ordered then sighed.

* * *

            “Princess!” Empress exclaimed.

            “What?” Princess answered impatiently.

            “I need to tell you something.”


            “I told Luke when you had your internship that he looked like a servant beside you and should ditch his boring look and be damn sexy. It was my entire fault.” Empress said.

            Princess’ eyes widened, “What?”

            “I’m sorry.”

            The look on Princess’ face was unmistakably angry. If she was a cartoon, you would probably see her face being so red and her breath steaming.

             Princess mind focused on looking for Luke. She took a last look on Empress’ sorry face and ran off.

* * *

            Princess kept on running, finding Luke.

            Her pink sneakers screeched to a halt. Luke was in front of her.

            “Princess, I’m sorry. I was a jerk. I was too caught up on being popular and being liked once again that I forgot about what was really important. Being popular isn’t important. Girls swooning over me wasn’t any thrill. Loving you was a thrill and I want to love you. I love you so much Princess.” Luke said, smiling.

            “Are you done with that speech of yours that was obviously something you didn’t prepare?” Princess asked, smirking.

            Luke kept the bright smile on his face. He was happy to hear her talk to him that way. It was how they usually talk. He always sounded like an idiot and Princess was the intelligent one. Whenever Princess talked, everyone fell silent and just listened to her.

            He nodded.

            “First, I want to apologize—“ Princess was cut off.

            “You don’t have t –“ Luke was cut off, too.

            “Stop talking. Let me finish.” Princess said then cleared her throat.

            “I want to apologize for being so rude. Everything I said was out of honesty but I should have looked for a nice way to say all those and yet I wasn’t able to find it. Next, I know that you changed because of Empress. She told you something and it made you think a lot. I know you, you would do anything for things to go well but changing in that way wasn’t the answer. You are amazing just the way you are, Luke. You don’t have to change a thing. Nothing in this entire world could ever make my feelings change. You are the one.” Princess said.

            Silence filled the air.

            Luke grabbed Princess by the hand and led her to his car.

            “Ice cream night.” Luke said.

            The two of them smiled. Things were back to how it was supposed to be, or was it?

* * *

            Luke’s room wasn’t as big as Princess’. He wasn’t like Princess who needed space for her enormous mirror, pink stuff collection, and other girly stuff.

            Bringing Princess to his room was something he feared. It was just a simple beige-painted room with an average-sized cabinet and a wooden desk. There was just an LCD TV on the wall and his speakers on the floor.

            “It could use some color.” Princess said.

            “No. No. No. I don’t want my room to be pink!” Luke exclaimed.

            “Oh I’m sorry. Is there something wrong about that color?”

            “Oh nothing, love.”

            Luke’s arm stretched and wrapped his arm around Princess’ waist then pulled her close.

            They were so close that Princess felt Luke’s breath on her neck. It was something entirely new for her. The feeling that was crawling through her body was completely alien.

            Luke pulled Princess to face her. Face to face, he leaned down a little so their foreheads were touching. A smirk spread across his lips and he heard Princess’ nervous laugh.

            He held her chin and pulled her to a passionate kiss. He then felt her move her mouth to the rhythm of his and they were in sync. It was something he considered amazing.

            One of his hands was on her waist and the other was right on her jaw line.

            Princess’ arms were wrapped on his shoulder, tiptoeing a little for Luke was far taller than she was.

            It lasted for quite a while but when their kiss has ended; both had smiles on their lips.

            “I love you.” Luke said.

            “I love you too.” Princess said.

* * *

            A little fight is something inevitable in a relationship and yet if you both can get through it then it will make your relationship stronger. A little argument or some fights don’t always mean that there’s no love, it’s just that there are times that misunderstanding occurs.


  1. waaaahhh!!! i think i'm gonna cry na!!! actually, kanina pa ako medyo naluluha!!! una dahil may cameo roles ang mga BFF's ko dito!!! sikat na talaga kaming tatlo!!! hwahahaha!!! shocked pa ako sa ginawa ni empress dito... hwahaha!!!

    sunod, mas kinikilig ako sa plot nito!!! i think level up kasi we're dating na dito sa story!!! and in real life, i'd still prefer the simple luke...

    and yung conflict sa story, shetemax, naka-relate na naman ako!!! yung totoo, manghuhula ka ba?

    basta it's so beautiful! and kilala niyo naman ako, once ma-touch or magustuhan ko talaga ang nabasa ko, mala-nobela ang comment.

    and confirm na talaga!!! matapos ko lang talaga ang ginagawa kong manga ngayon, isusunod ko yung GYHAB and of course, pati rin 'to!!!

    1. Wow! Napa-wow ako sa comment mo Mommy! Hahaha! Manghuhula? Ako? Oo ata eh. Nasa lahi ata. LOL! Joke. Hindi ko alam. Naku! Sadyang magaling lang ako Mommy A. :D Thanks mother!

    2. ggAwiNg manGa iTo ni atEy aeGyO,,, goRa,,, bbsAhin q pO yAn,,,

  2. ((I totally agree with Ms Aegyo))

    ((Nakakakilig po sobra))

    ((I tried reading the first part and then this))

    ((And suggestion lang po, this can be a very beautiful series))

    1. Do you think I should make it a series then?

    2. wAaah,,, aNg gAnda ngA pO atEy,,, agrEe aq Kei aNOn n gAwiNg seRies n tO,,, si LUke kSi uNg chAracter n tiPong nkkAinLove tLga,,, i cAnt gEt enOugh s kniLa ni priNcess,,, guSto q mAs mhBa pa,,,

    3. Wow! Wow! Wow! Na-inspire ako. Sige. inform ko kayo sa gagawin ko sa POSSIBLE na chaptered story nito.

  3. grabeeehhhh!!!! nosebleed!!! hahaha :) tissue please :)

    ang kyut naman ng story na itech... now ko lang sya nabasa.. haha..

    although i feel like i'm the bad guy here...still it's a privileged for me to be included in your story.. thank you so much :) can't wait to read more of your stories..


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