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Dance with my Father [One-Shot]

-Dance with My Father-

As I grow old, I’m always wondering what would be my life having a father someone like him…

I hope you like this story and enjoy! ^^

“You really miss your father huh?” Grandma asked when she saw me holding a picture of my biological father.. Nah, I don’t remember seeing him personally. -_____-

“Miss him? I’ve never seen him before. Tch” I said coldly. Aish.

“You’ve seen him already, dear.” She said then patted my head

“Huh? Really? But when?!! I really don’t remember at all” I said.

“Haha. Yes. The last you guys met was when you were three years old. ^^ That was your birthday.” Grandma said. Ah. I got it. I don’t remember his face because that was a long time ago the last I saw him. >_<

Well, let me tell you some story about this stuff. Haha.

We are a broken family. I don’t have a father and mother that guides me in everyday life. But thanks for my grandma because she never leaves me always. Way back then, my father had an affair with my mother when they were in college. I don’t know the whole but this is what my grandma told me. Haha.

As far as my grandma told me, my father had already a family before my mother but he told them before especially to my mother that he really doesn’t love that girl. And the one who really loves him is my mother. So, they loved each other endlessly no matter what hindrances will come to them. And, as a result of their love, yeah, I’m totally the one who is the product of their love. Hahaha.

But, there is no happy ending for them. Time came that they have to separate ways for good whether they like it or not. My father tried to fight for their love but my mother insisted and just accepted the fact that she’s really not the real wife of my father. Well, in the end they love for each other just lasted. L

But my grandma always telling me that my father really loves us. He still used to see us secretly. He watches us if he has time.

Then one day my mother told me that before they end their relationship, my father threatened or told her that if she’s not the one who will be by his side forever, his life will be ruined. And the rest was the history. Hahahah. XD

“I’m longing for him. I wanted to see him right away.” I said. Isn’t that bad, right? He’s my father after all.

“Really? But I don’t have any idea where he is” grandma said. Awww. L

“Ah” I said then I put back the picture of my father in the photo album.

Swear, I just know his name. But not his birthday, his favorites, hobbies or so whatever, I don’t know. That’s why I want to meet him and I want to know more about him.  Why it has to be so hard for me to reach that simple wish of mine? </3

“Don’t worry my dear, I’m going to contact them by next week.” My grandma said.

-Aida’s POV-

“Hello, may I know who’s speaking?”

“I am Aida Domingo the mother of Ms. Aira Domingo. Can I talk to Mr. William Gutierrez?” As I’ve said to the other line.




What’s wrong with them?

“Hello, still there?”

“Yes, Sorry. But Ma’am Aida, don’t you remember me?” she asked on the other line. Yes, I do remember her. She’s the maid of Gutierrez family. And until now? Ah, she’s Shiela. The one who help William to escape to Louis, his wife, just to see my daughter and my granddaughter.  Hayy.. Forbidden Love. I’m really sorry for William and Aira. And it really hurts me.

“Yes. Yes. But I want to talk to your boss William. Will you allow me to talk him? Where is he?” I asked.



“His daughter wants to see him. Even for once. Mind if I talk to him?” I asked again.. I’m getting irritated. You know, when you’re getting older, your patience is getting short. I’m glad that I’m still at 50’s. I still look beautiful. And.. Stunning! Hahaha!

“They were waiting for you, especially last week.”


-Patricia’s POV-

“He’s Gone.”



But why???


“I’m s-sorry” she said.

“NO!! You’re lying!!! Why are you doing this to me?!! I just wanted to see him!! Please give me a chance!” I shouted. What the heck is she saying? He’s gone? He’s dead? Gosh!!

No, please. I still want to know him more. I want to know his birthday. I want him to make my assignments, my projects, and let him teach me to play instruments! And I want him to be my first dance when I got 18. I want to dance with my father for only once.



“The maid said he was shot by a gun last week. And, she said that they were waiting for you to come. They said they broadcasted this but we didn’t hear about it. It’s because that was only broadcasted to the channel we don’t used to watch it. Aish” grandma said


I DON’T KNOW. I CAN’T EVEN SPEAK NOW. I guess, my heart will about to explode in just a minute right now.

I know, he’s not bad.

“I’m sorry about this, Hija. The worst, he was shot just from a distance. He’s near with us by that time.” She said with a very sad tone.

“Huhuhuhuuh!!! All this time, all I want is to see him and just to hug him tight even for once. But why It has to be happen in all of sudden?!! What kind of life is this?!! This is so unfair!!!” I shouted.

Gosh. What a terrible life!!! I’m going insane!! Why? Why?! Why me?!! Why do I have to suffer like this!! This is really unfair. What did I do to make me feel like this?!

“I feel so sorry for you dear. Everything will be alright.” My grandma said then she hugged me.



“Tomorrow will be my 18th birthday.”I said as I put the flowers on his tomb.

Ah, yes. I’m here at the cemetery. It’s been 8 years since he died. And I never had chance to hug him. I wonder how cool he is? Is he strict or what? Is he good in Math? You know, I’m totally good in Math. Haha.

Why didn’t I get a chance to feel the love of him? What’s feeling of having a father someone like him?

Life’s unfair. -____-

“I’m always longing for you, dad. Even though we didn’t get a chance to make memories to be missed I’m still love you with all my heart. And, thank you for loving my mom.^^” I said. Ohyeah, I’m talking to his tomb all alone. I hope he will not answer me. That’s so creepy. Haha.

And, where’s my mother right now? Ah, she has a new family now. When I was seven years old, she get married with a guy that I don’t know if she really loves that guy. Aish. But I hope she’s happy.

“Dad, I still want you to be my first dance in my debut. But I know, it will only happen in my dreams forever…” I said.. Waaaaaaa!! I don’t cry again.. I promised to myself that I will never cry again.. >_<
But sometimes, I really can’t help myself!! </3 Aish..

I remember the picture of ours that seems like we were dancing fifteen years ago.. T_T I never thought that would be that last time that I’m going to dance with him.. >___<
And now,

I’m turning 18th tomorrow. -_-
And I want to dance with my father but I know that it will never ever happen again.. L


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