Monday, March 19, 2012

The Prince and the Pauper

Title:    The Prince and the Pauper
Author:      Thecelandinefaerie
Status:      On-going
Genre(s):   Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Type:        Tagalog-English Fictional Story

"Looks can be deceiving" that's what they say and I can prove it to you.
- Alexandria Vergara

Yes I am the beggar and he's the rich kid. I ate 3
times a day, and he eats more than 6.
I do the laundry on my own, and he
has lots of maids that will do everything he asks..
even.. yeah.. that.
He was adored, and I was unwanted.
He acts cool and kind infront of others, like an angel.
But.. duh.. he's no angel, only if they know.
And here I am.. starting my first day of work as his personal maid.
Isn't that great? Damn it!



  1. Wahahaha!! ito na ang hinihintay ko dito!! The prince and the pauper i lab you!!

  2. hahaha favorite j-pop idol ko isa.. lalo na sa hana yori dang>..<

    BAGAY2X SILA....xp


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