Sunday, November 20, 2011


Title:    L.O.B.E. (Out-of-Body Love Experience)
Author/Artist: AegyoDayDreamer
Status:      COMPLETED!
Genre(s):   Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, One-shot, Romance, School-life, Shoujo, Supernatural
Type:        Manga in English (Read from left to right)



Leila always wish for a normal life but because of her unusual family background and her talent of seeing ghosts and spirits, that dream can never happen. She was socially unwanted by people, so she never had real friends.

Things changed when she met Janey and her brother Nero. The siblings badly need her special talent, because of a matter of life and death. How is she going to help them? And how is she going to help herself when she found it hard not to fall for Nero.


  1. tagal ko nang inaabangan ang last nito hah! where is it?

  2. ikaw n ang pinktelented miz aegyo! drawing, editing, story! lahat na!!!!


  3. natapos na rin pala ito... basahin ko nga ulit from the start. :))

  4. Ate~ May iba pa po ba kayong Manga *w* Paki message nyo na lng ako kumg may bago


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